A man (Christopher Denham) must use his newfound intellect to stop a brutal series of murders.

25-year-old Alex Borden is handsome, charming, and intelligent. In fact, he may be too smart for his own good as his life is swiftly becoming a living hell. Alex's nightmare begins when he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Headspace torrent reviews

oe r (nl) wrote: its the best movie ever good for young kids to adults its just an awsome movie

Sterlin R (es) wrote: As someone who's not only worked in a haunted house but loves walking through them and has actually planned on taking a Haunted House road trip sometime in the near future, this movie was pretty decent. The suspense is pretty crazy, they've managed to implement a couple really good jump-scares, and I was pretty invested through the entire trip, but this movie is crippled by a few pet-peeves of mine... It opens up with where it ends which takes away the element of surprise, the last 4-5 minutes are so bad that they nearly ruined the whole movie, it's completely found-footage, and then there's a couple pretty deep plot-holes. Overall though, the movie was alright. Just be prepared for a terrible intro with an even worse ending.

Mary T (ag) wrote: senza parole!!!film bellissimo,la Traci Dinwiddie(peyton) divinamente bellissima.meravigliosa!

Jonas B (mx) wrote: I have seen this movie a couple of times and it's an awesome one! This movie doesn't ad up to the believe that Every movie based on video games are bad. This is even essential to the storyline throughout the franchise. If you're a fan of this game you'll like this very much. To those who don't know anything about this franchise, in the beginning of the movie there's a fast introduction of the most important characters. Please watch it because you won't regret it :)

Eric G (it) wrote: This movie is a classic; it is clean, funny, and fun to watch with the family and I highly recommend this movie.Do not listen to critics, in fact they should all be fired.

Ile V (jp) wrote: peace. harmony. stillness. quietness. esthetical delight.. brilliant.

Pete S (ca) wrote: Left in Darkness was a great concept for a film. The plot had some generally entertaining twists and throws. I enjoyed the concept and the characters... yet the movie felt overdone and somewhat hollow.

Luke G (us) wrote: Wow, Oliver Stone, just wow. What an impactful and grueling story that deserved the Academy Award for Best Picture. Platoon will make you cringe, and possibly cry, but what performances from Charlie Sheen, Willem Dafoe, and Academy Award nominee Tom Berenger.

Joey T (gb) wrote: With some great theatrical, yet genuine performances, outstanding humor, and some outstanding editing, The Gold Rush manages to be one of the best films of Chaplin's career. Like all of his films, The Gold Rush is a great representation of both the harsh realities of life and the hope that comes along with that. It's a beautiful movie, and one that still stands the test of time almost a hundred years later.

Douglas H (fr) wrote: In David Thompson's collection of film reviews, "Have You Seen This..." he brings up that Chaplin's film may not be the breakthrough in sophistication in terms of human behavior that it is argued to be. The error is that he does this by comparing to James Joyce's Dubliners which is hardly a film. In relation to other American films of the time, yes indeed, A Woman of Paris is quite distinctive in it's mature comprehension of human behavior. While the story itself is hardly exceptional the manner in which the characters interact and react off of each other has a timeless quality. While Edna Purvaince is miscast, Adolphe Menjou is perfection in a role that would typecast him. I also enjoyed Betty Morrissey as Fifi (there is something fatalistic there and I was not surprised for some reason to find out she died at the age of 36). The scene where Menjou plays the sax, the fate of the artist, and the final shot "Whatever happened to Marie St. Claire." are all classics.

Keith B (br) wrote: Somewhat burdensome in weight intro, like clogging through a mercurial concrete - hypnotic and belabored as if one is under a toxic hallucination and nazi test subject simultaneously. Then it drifts off into a Mission Impossible action.

Dave R (gb) wrote: It was a funny movie had action to it as well wasn't to bad at all