Heart of Midnight

Heart of Midnight

A young woman who is getting back on her feet after a mental breakdown, Carol Rivers (Jennifer Jason Leigh) discovers that her late uncle has left her a rundown nightclub. Carol decides to renovate the venue, but, in the process, uncovers dark secrets about the club and her dead relative. After a series of disturbing events, Carol becomes increasingly unstable, but she finds some measure of comfort in Sharpe (Peter Coyote), an enigmatic older detective.

Carol inherits a night club from her weird uncle. She moves into the place, only to find out just how weird her uncle really was. She begins to remember more about her very special ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David H (fr) wrote: This is a good film, if only for the beginning long opening, but I feel I need to watch it again, it has an American Psycho feel to it

Jellis E (us) wrote: ?????I don't get it.Is that someone's dream?Ok so the nun prays and is answered. But the answer doesn't come from the hand of god so much that it came from a japanese guy touching a penis symbol on a wall in limbo. So I guess that means something as absurd as what we witnessed is as good as a reason as anything else to explain the workings of the universe.My guess is when he touches god's penis the ultimate thing that could possibly happen happens; the big bang?It feels like it has something to do with embiggening silliness and cause and effect, or something. i just saw it so i still need to digest it before i finish this review. BBL. Maybe.

Laura T (it) wrote: For some bizarre reason, this movie, out of all the horror movies I watched as a kid was my favourite. Hell Cop. Ben Stiller frying eggs on the side walk. "hand" cuffs.

Olli H (it) wrote: "American Ninja" was THE action movie when I was a kid...well, all kinds of martial arts movies were actually THE action films to me then but anyhoo, this was one of the greatest. Time has eaten away it's charm but only a little, since the action scenes get better as the movie goes on. Unintentional humor is still there, starting with the basic 1980's clichs: a car hits the smallest little tree in existence and EXPLODES! I had to pause the movie because I was laughing so hard and of course the evil Ninja a.k.a. Boss Fight Ninja uses various hilarious gadgets from his hands, including three piped firearm, a flamethrower and a laser beam, A F***ING LASER BEAM!

George H (us) wrote: An original, artful, and grotesque horror film.

John S (au) wrote: pretty cool concept, but it just couldn't hold my attention

Wes S (es) wrote: It doesn't really make a lot of sense nor does it really have a plot. The addition of the Three Stooges doesn't make much sense either, but it does add some fun to the film.

Art S (kr) wrote: Lawrence Tierney's starring debut as the titular bank robber is a no frills bio pic (of sorts) shot for Poverty Row studio Monogram. Highlighted by an early script from noir specialist Philip Yordan - best known for Johnny Guitar - the film is concise at 70 minutes and keeps its action to a minimum, favouring blunt talking instead. However, Tierney would snarl more, with more wicked charm, in Born to Kill (1947) and, of course, Reservoir Dogs (1992). So, if you are looking for Film Noir or heist films, this isn't the place to start but it's not bad for a B genre film if this is your bag.

Christian B (it) wrote: Boring, not scary, and laughable at times. Credit where credit is due though, on the use of silence in this movie. It was the one effective move pulled of in the entire film.

Scott C (ca) wrote: Perhaps I should give this another chance, now that I'm British and all.