Heart of the West

Heart of the West

Problems come in the form of one of Hopalong Cassidy's neighbors, but the matter is settled when Hoppy roots out the troublemaker.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:63 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:hopalong cassidy,  

Ranch owner Sally Jordan is engaged in a fence war with rancher Big John Trumbull. Hoppy and Johnny, along with trusty sidekick Windy, side with Sally Jordan. They control a huge cattle stampede by using dynamite. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hannah N (jp) wrote: Lovely performance from both Alia and Varun! Love both of you guys!

Helen B (br) wrote: thorough, heart-felt documentary

Ashley V (fr) wrote: It is cool when the captain finally found his treasure

Sean M (br) wrote: HAHAHAHAHAHA FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY! The cover says "100 passengers. 1,000 vipers." More like "10 really bad actors. 5 snakes used over and over again."

Jools A (de) wrote: Elizabeth Olsen is a promising actor, admired her performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene in 2011 (which she was nominated and won numerous awards including Most Promising Performer at Chicago Film Critics Association), and she even managed to look convincing through her small role in Gareth Edward's version of Godzilla in 2014. In Charlie Stratton's erotic thriller In Secret, Olsen is joined by credible cast Jessica Lange, Oscar Isaac and Tom Felton. It tells the story of a young woman, Thrse (Olsen) who lives in rural France with her overbearing aunt (Lange) and is forced into a dissatisfying marriage to her sickly cousin Camille (Felton). Suffering in her oppressive marriage, Thrse soon embarks on a reckless and doomed affair with Camille's childhood friend, the suave Laurent (Isaac) who can give her everything Camille can't.Though it has been done many a time, such a plot is always intriguing to me. The culminating pace of two secret lovers from their first forbidden moments of attraction and desire, right up to an insidious ploy of murder at the end. The main characters are convincing and draw strong chemistry. Olsen's portrayal is profuse in her yearning for sexual release. Then comes Isaac as the convincing free-spirited artist crackling with sexual electricity, perfect answer to her suffocating marriage. Lange is at her best, as usual. Her character shows us the extreme emotions she goes through, and so much can be felt even with just her darting eyes as she lies there after a stroke-induced paralysis towards the second half of the film.My issue with the film is the pace. It was definitely rushed. Perhaps potentially a better fit for a mini-series, audience should get to feel Thrse's sense of being trapped, to truly appreciate the desperation and push for her character to go into the heated and scandalous affair. That was clearly lacking to me. The story was soon hastened into her little secret rendezvous with Laurent, and I wished a little more time could've been spent there as well on teasing the audience with the danger and suspense the two characters had to go through in their clandestine meetings. It is after all an erotic thriller. It is an adequate effort, but is it scandalous, is it really provocative, not enough for me.Director Charlie Stratton has been said to have failed in delivering the dark passion of its original story in the classic 1867 novel Thrse Raquin. Critics will be rather harsh, considering that this is a highly acclaimed piece of work from mile Zola who was nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature.

Ellen F (au) wrote: A1. Alan King monologues priceless.

Timm S (fr) wrote: Clark Kent (Or At Least Reeve Channeling That Character) Travels Back In Time To Become Some Bumbling Love-Interest In A Slow, Staged Love Fling. The Musical Score Whiles You Away At Times, But It Simply Adds To The Dream-Like Drag Of It All. The Only Bit Of Life Was All The Casting Extra's Bringing The "Grand Hotel - Mackinac Island" In Toronto Back To Ye Olde Life. There Was Potential Here, But Unless You're A Closet Romantic, It Will Be Lost On You.

Ian C (nl) wrote: I think I'm in love with 60's spy movies. In Like Flynt, Casino Royale, Dean Martin in the 'Matt Helm' series, and now (for me) Fathom. The plots are ludicrous, the dialog is fast and silly, and the action is campy and fun.Fathom is a dental hygenist/member of the US skydiving team on vacation in Spain who gets recruited by a secret government agency to help recover a stolen weapons system. Hilarity, intrigue, tiny bikinis, and tight dresses ensue.

Isaiah R (ru) wrote: I liked it. Solid acting, action, and emotion. If nothing else, I enjoyed seeing folks getting their head busted to the white meat!!

Benjamin F (nl) wrote: The film is highly educational about the social norms of the day. The performances are great, especially Emma Stone and Viola Davis.

Leena L (kr) wrote: I watched this... a wanna be woody allen film with a entertaining soundtrack. nothing else. Oh, couple of great views. nothing else.

Ian H (kr) wrote: Destined to be once of the great Australian classic film. Funny, compassionate & heart-felt Aussie through and through. Loved it!!!