Heart String Marionette

Heart String Marionette

A tale about a kid, a samurai mime, and a stripper who all try to defeat a warlord and an evil clown who have successfully turned a countryside into a never ending nightmare filled with horrible monsters.

A tale about a kid, a samurai mime, and a stripper who all try to defeat a warlord and an evil clown who have successfully turned a countryside into a never ending nightmare filled with horrible monsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis R (mx) wrote: This one is laugh out loud funny. It has it ALL. Handsome Twink you have to stare at, Lesbo, Jungle Fever, Young and Old, Alcoholic slut mom, nudity, underwear scenes!. A MUST see.

Kaitlyn J (kr) wrote: Rather strange and boring. Not one of Daniel Radcliff's good movies. See Victor Frankenstein...Much better than this movie.

Sonya D (jp) wrote: Okay this film was just bad. Kevin Sorbo was not mean enough in this film. Don Swayze was only there for like 5 mins in the film and he tried so hard to be mean, but he wasnt. Honestly, maybe if this film was not a western but had a lot of action and adventure in it, with both Don Swayze and Kevin Sorbo, then i can see it being better.

Erastes A (ag) wrote: An appalling take on Beauty and the Beast. The Beast - Pettyfer isn't all that beastly and the beauty isn't exactly Belle. There's no reason given why Pettyfer's character wants to snuggle up with Beauty other than a vaguely Twiglet style stalking section (because one thing we learned from Twiglet was Stalking=Twu Lurve, eh, girls?) and how he managed to woo her once he had her incarcerated in his huge house is beyond me. Muddly (even with a classic to copy) and rather pointless, it was only Pettyfer's original face that kept me watching, but I would avoid next time.

Wilda W (kr) wrote: Everyone needs to see this

Zachary S (it) wrote: There is something mesmerizing about Three Times, but you never really find out what it is. The story follows two lovers throughout three lives and how they interact in each. The film does not follow chronologically, making the transitions in time rather uncomfortable. There is very little dialogue in three times, and emotions are meant to be felt rather than expressed. However, it is very difficult to understand their feelings when the characters keep them bottled up. It's almost like the director wants us to guess what the characters are feeling. Their actions are subtle. Camera angles are annoying, and rarely change for an entire scene while actors walk off frame and out of the picture for a while. Your range of view is limited because of the awkward positioning of the camera and you are often left wondering what exactly is going on or where the characters are. This is not a Wong Kar Wai film, there is no subtle eroticism or sensuality, and when the characters make love it is like watching an awkward ritual being performed. Overall the film is very empty, there is not enough substance to keep it together, so it inevitably falls apart. Still it is worth seeing at least once.

Andrew S (ru) wrote: After seeing the first Sniper i had high hopes for this one. I was mistaken and found this movie to be a halfassed sequel to the original. Tom Berenger did a pretty decent job with acting but Bokeem Woodbine was weak. I expected more sniping in a movie called Sniper 2 but the majority of the action you get is cars blowing up after being tapped by another car and the standard bad guys who have the shooting accuracy of Stevie Wonder. Overall its a time waster when you have nothing else to do or watch but i wouldn't pay to see it.

ashtrovene a (ru) wrote: watch it everyday!!!

Wyman W (kr) wrote: Really good. A solid thriller with good performances and style. Worth renting even though it's in French.

Syed A (br) wrote: Amazing stuff!!!!SRK rocks!

Joe A (mx) wrote: Written by John Carpenter, Rising is a fun and sadly ovelooked 80s action thriller starring Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton. Jones plays a professional thief who's forced to hide a stolen cassette in a protoype for a revolutionary new car "The Black Moon". When Hamilton's car thief steals the prototype, Jones needs to get it back before his employers terminate his employment permanently. Rising has a good veteran supporting cast and takes itself serious when it needs to but, also knows when to have a little fun and let it's audience in on it. Jones and Hamilton have a nice chemistry together as the two thieves eventually join forces and there is a lot of fun watching them break into villain Robert Vaughn's highrise fortress to steal the title vehicle back. An entertaining little movie that has sadly been forgotten but, definitely deserves to be rediscovered if not for the 80s nostalgia alone.

Paul D (jp) wrote: Sickly-sweet musical which is a vehicle for Hayley Mills innocent on-screen persona. Everything is just too idealistic.

Serious D (de) wrote: It was great the race and how letty died

Dustin P (gb) wrote: I had heard about this movie awhile ago, but took me a few years to finally see. I think I might have had expectations that were too high because of the positive reviews and the fact that the producers of Shaun Of The Dead were behind it. It's not a bad film by any means. It's shot well (by newcomer Joe Cornish) and the acting is fairly good especially considering most of the cast are teenagers. The story had a few problems for me. First of all, I think they should have made it more comedic. For the most part, it's a fairly serious and straightforward film. Considering the main story is about teens fighting alien monsters, I feel like that situation is more than ripe for comedy.All that aside, my absolute biggest complaint is that the teens are criminals and the film opens with them robbing a woman at knifepoint. So why on Earth would I root for these guys? Why do I care if any of them are killed by the aliens? The answer is that I didn't root for them or care about any deaths that happened. Maybe the writers think that fighting aliens was enough to redeem them of all their wrongdoings at the beginning of the film, but for me personally, that wasn't the case.All in all, I didn't hate this film, but I think there is a little bit of overhype that tends to come with it. If I had found this on my own without any fanfare, perhaps I would have liked it more. However, due to the problems I had with the story, I doubt I would have given it more than 3 stars anyway.

Elaine S (nl) wrote: Hercules would have never have been that good looking... realistically. But still...

Evan M (gb) wrote: Reynolds's performance and wit boost this movie's overall charisma with sometimes-awkward raunchy humor, but Deadpool's action and well-performed cast make this movie memorable.