Heartbeat Detector

Heartbeat Detector

A psychologist discovers troubling links between Nazism and modern-day big business.

A psychologist discovers troubling links between Nazism and modern-day big business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jameson W (fr) wrote: A great John Wayne movie!

Ross L (nl) wrote: Highly recommended. Humanity truly reveals itself in a parking lot. People are dicks.2011 Movies: 20

Sally J (gb) wrote: An eye opener indeed. The film might be alittle extreme to pin-point consumerism at every angle. Although we can't stop flying altogether, but we all need to take the baby steps to contribute. The climate is so screwed that I am still waiting for Summer in mid of July.

Vanda K (ru) wrote: Reminds me of Sweeney Todd. Real black humor but that's what makes it brilliant! :)

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