Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel

When a teen tries to set up a band at his school, his mother who was a big fan of Elvis Presley gets in a wreck he and his band members decides to kidnap Elvis and have him hooked up with his mother.

The film follows a teen who attempts to have a band at his school. Because he knows her mother's idol is Elvis Presley, he and his band decide to kidnap Elvis Presley to make his mother surprise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MJ A (fr) wrote: There is no way you will not cry on this one. I was crying, and at the same time mad for some reason that you have to watch in the film. Lee Hwan-gyeong is like manipulating my heart like a puppet!Such a heart-ache!

Ben H (us) wrote: Marilyn Monroe reborn and entangled in a murder mystery like nothing else you've seen before...available on IW

Matt C (it) wrote: One of my favourite quirky film, really enjoyed it. Ver simple yet interesting.

Liv H (de) wrote: You don't need to be a Paul Walker fan to love this movie. It's amazingly done, keeps you on the edge of your seat. It also reminds us what's worth fighting for, and what isn't.

intuciic (kr) wrote: good horror movie! small twist at start of the end...

Shae G (jp) wrote: if I could give it a 0 star I would it sucked I had to turn it off

Bryan J (fr) wrote: Really good movie, yea. I don't really know how to put it. It was just really good.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!

Tiffany L (ag) wrote: awww this was cute when i was kid lol....brings back so many memories!!

Lauren S (fr) wrote: Not his best work, but still a really fun comedy!

Kendall I (nl) wrote: Why does everybody hatet his? PLOT:Terry (Whoopi Goldberg) is an average*ahemNOWAY* bank terminal worker with an asshole boss and a crazy work family. One day when she's about to leave, she recieves a message from a person who calls himself Jumpin' Jack Flash and he asks her to get a code key to talk to him. That's as much as I will reveal because it's a wild, unpredictable plot, but it is obvious, this being a classic mystery-comedy, he's a spy. The plot's basic but LAID with twists and turns to shock and fill with laughter. It's executed excellently. ACTING:Most all acting was very good, but one actor was just annoying even if she did play the part well and that was Carol Kane as Cynthia. Watch and you'l lsee what I mean! SCORE:The score was very mezmerizing and mysterious. Well done to Thomas Newman, who's style I enjoy. The soundtrack was pretty neat to and included a rockin' version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" by Aretha Franklin with Keith Richards still on guitar! I always jam out to that. OTHER CONTENT:Besides HER acting, the only other flaw I can find is that the acting and comedy can get very crude, whic makes it a little wrong and imperfect. But I, with my twisted sense of humor, love it. I also liked how computers were used in the movie. Very cool. OVERALL,it's a great comedy-mystery with an unpredictable plot, great acting (minus one), mezmerizing score, and crude jokes. But I love the crude jokes.

Julie K (gb) wrote: which movie is more fucked up? this, Suicide Club, Salo, Gummo, or the 9-minute rape scene in Irreversible? either way, one viewing of this is enough. :)

Samantha D (us) wrote: Brando's great and I can't resist Glenn Ford! Some stereotypes but then again, who cares?

Zhanyi J (fr) wrote: Camera operation was ahead of its time. Kinda twisted story of two siblings. Typical self indulgence stuff from Cocteau. Melville made the right decision to go to film noir after this.

Paul D (ru) wrote: Chilling asylum storyline with Boris Karloff in fine creepy form. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest had a similar set of themes using a contemporary rather than historic setting.

Maksim B (ag) wrote: Pretentious, stylish and relatively compelling, Third Person is a slow-paced multi-layered story that might not fully satisfy you in terms of pacing and development, but it would partially compensate with the formidable presence of its actors. A sort of an intimate essay by director Paul Haggis, this romantic drama could have been much more emotionally engaging in order to have a stronger impact in its final part.Similar to the movie that made Paul Haggis an Academy winner (Crash), Third Person is built up around several different stories set in Paris, New York and Rome with different initially disconnected from each other characters. Once again, just like in Crash, the characters from the different stories interact with each other to a minimum, but with a major impact for them. Even though this approach is already known to the audience, you may actually still like it mainly due to the actors involved. The romance, the estranged relationships, the distrust and secrets from the past are all blended in a story which has one main issue. The issue is called pacing. The slow pacing combined with the complex story and lack of emotional connection result in a delivery hard to follow and towards the final part even if you actually like the final act, you would feel detached from the characters and their fates.In conclusion, Third Person is not a bad movie, but given its director and the cast it could be considered a disappointment that it fails to provoke and to fully engage the audience.

Braydan H (fr) wrote: Severely dark and completely believable in every way.