Hearts in Atlantis

Hearts in Atlantis

A widowed mother and her son change when a mysterious stranger enters their lives.

The film tells the story of a mysterious man (Anthony Hopkins) who enlists the aid of a brilliant young boy (Anton Yelchin) to save his life. The two share a summer's adventures and come to love one another before the inevitable happens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hearts in Atlantis torrent reviews

Nate K (it) wrote: Overall Grade: D+ Very Stupid!! Why Did I Watch This???

Matt C (gb) wrote: Functional coming of age story, probably not really funny enough but at times it is touching. I do feel like I'll have forgotten it in a week mind you.

Tamiya B (it) wrote: it was ok i think the movie looked really corny and made cheap.


David T (au) wrote: una pena que es para la tele y se nota. con mas fondo que la de cruise, pero sin los medios que dispuso aquella. se ve con rapidez.

Lars S (au) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie.

Brett B (gb) wrote: Just drug fueled fun and mayhem. Love this gonzo film and I feel that the lack of plot is actually part of the story. Its about two drugged out friends who are on a trip to cover a motorcycle race in the early 70's Vegas. Considering the state of the two main characters throughout the movie it doesn't really shock anyone that there is no purpose or goal in general. Basically to just continue the bender and survive without being placed in jail. The real genius of this flick is trying to follow the two's tale while seeing sights through their delusional minds mixed in with the actual state of things. Maybe my favorite of Depps flicks, other than the 9th gate.

Kenneth B (nl) wrote: The Invasion unabashedly borrows from virtually every Science Fiction B-movie of the 1950s and although it is all quite goofy there is a certain charm to it. Of course with a lead pairing of Kidman and Craig there was always going to be something to like.

Ivan L (ag) wrote: Jedan od filmova koji cine zlatni period stvaralastva Vima Vedersa, negde s kraja osamdesetih i pocetka devedestih, donosi nam za njega karakteristicno sporu radnju, perfektnu fotografiju, obilje asocijacija kroz muziku i zvukove i na kraju krajeva, jednu veoma ljudsku pricu i poruku. Poput ''Do kraja sveta'', ''Lisabonska prica'' je putopis, prikaz neverovatno atmosfericnog Lisabona, audio-vizuelna ilustracija jednog grada i naroda, uz odlicnu muziku Terese Salgueiro i Madredeusha. Upozorenje: film zahteva strpljenje svojstveno ljubiteljima umetnickog filma

Jon F (es) wrote: an amazingly artistic, beautiful, and sorrow filled film one of my all time favorites

Dannielle A (ca) wrote: The play version is better, but Neil Simon did a good job making this screenplay and the casting was great. The actors are excellent in this flick.

David S (fr) wrote: Thoughtful, low-key drama about a group of friends at a dinner party. Well acted all round, but interesting rather than engaging- one to consider rather than love.

danny d (ru) wrote: very inventive. the story was creative and deep. the only flaw in fact is that the story was too deep, so deep that parts were very confusing. alot of characters whose story intermingle in complex ways. the fighting was great and i loved the concept of samurai spies, sort of like early incarnations of ninjas.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: The Ugly Hate the Beautiful and the Poor Hate the Rich--Gripping, powerful, shocking for its time!!

Riff J (ag) wrote: Daniel Day Lewis is unbelievable. DiCaprio and Diaz are worthy supporting actors. The atmosphere and production absolutely make the movie feel genuine and real. Everything from the dialogue, to the sets, to the acting makes you feel as though you've been transported back in time. The plot is intense, thrilling and unpredictable. A huge success.