Heat Wave

Heat Wave

An American writer living in England gets entangled in a scheme by a beautiful blonde to murder her rich husband.

An American writer living in England gets entangled in a scheme by a beautiful blonde to murder her rich husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rohit B (fr) wrote: Quite a refreshing CON movie... Not from the leagues of Johnny Gaddar, but a well money and time spent when compared to the latest big releases like RockStar... (Yes my brain still hurts from ROckstar fiasco)... The couple from Band Baja Baraat has some sort of appeal on screen....minus the misplaced and totally off track songs....the movie is quite pacy and well scripted.... Performances are aces in my book given the fresh and quite young players.... The movie keeps the story line clear and catches the pace quite early... Aesthetic Curves ;-) across an Infinity Pool and trip down the Delhi streets don't hurt either...

Charles P (mx) wrote: The self-seriousness clashes with the ludicrous story while the visual flair clashes with the over-stylized action editing - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter just doesn't work; plain and simple.

Primo P (de) wrote: Ok. My 3rd Kusturica's movie and I loved it, seen it twice already. I guess it's a lot more funnier for us, ex-yugoslavians, but still: the movie is original in it's surrealistic touches that are stil very much connected to Serbian folklore and recent history. True yugo-nostalgics will appreciate the contrast between the countryside and the city of Serbia and especially: the music. I recommend it.

Jerem M (jp) wrote: This is a movie about my cousins, Philip and Stephen. The movie itself is a pretty run-of-the-mill Lifetime inspired-by-a-true story. But hey, they're my cousins and it is a pretty cool story, so I'll bump it up an extra star.

Vomalfalda B (it) wrote: Here's a movie that explains maybe too much -- but then again, that's why it had to be made. Some say truth is stranger than fiction. With this film (and subsequent reactions) we see the reality that truth often is too horrible to be acknowledged (no less accepted as such: per Chomsky, Lippman). Kudos to you Mr. Pappas

Jesse F (gb) wrote: It entertains to a limit but it's certainly nothing to spend your hard earned money on, worth a rental at best.

Ramos J (es) wrote: Jack Clayton does the right thing in the end and goes straight.

Jarrett G (fr) wrote: A fairly clever ending, although I didn't really care about any of the characters. #1 reason to watch this movie: C.Walken.

Yury M (fr) wrote: Richard Nixon: "I was an unindicted coconspirator just like everybody else in the United States of America."Once again Robert Altman's brilliance captivated me entirely. Secret Honor is a fictionalized but largely accurate glimpse into the mind of another brilliant man, Richard Nixon, played here by yet another brilliant man, Philip Baker Hall. All 90 minutes of the movie are set in Nixon's office and feature just one actor delivering a monologue that is at the same time revelatory, delirious, intimate and self-indulgent. To anyone who is interested in either great cinema or history, this movie is unmissable.

Mark N (de) wrote: About as good as it could have been made for the time and a brave and praiseworthy attempt. The editing is somewhat brutal but effective in telling the story of a time-jumping soul who is wonderfully at ease with his situation despite the horrors it places him in.

Mark D (fr) wrote: This is a very suspenseful, action packed and even romantic western with Wayne at his best. One of his best movies.

Simon A (nl) wrote: Is this a "good" film? Probably not, but if you enjoy aliens and military this will provide a bit of entertainment. It is not here to change the world or anything, its just a fun romp through a fictional world they give you just enough information about to be interested in the results(i.e. the why the aliens are still a problem if the war is over)

Masi A (br) wrote: Great slapstick with one of the greatest comedians of all time plus an uninteresting family thrown onto.