Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell

Norwegain cult drama about Eva (16) and Arne (17), both from well established homes, attend a class where a professor says that cannabis is harmless. Together with some friends they decide to try. The start of a drug Hell for all involved.

This is the famous norwegian anti-drug movie which is considered to be a turkey today. There are more than one thing you can point your finger at in this movie but let's start with the actors who are pretty wooden through the whole movie. That critic goes particularly to those who are playing the leading roles. The other element is the anti-drug message in the movie. The message are "if you start with pot you'll go to hell on a heroin overdose the next day". This is what makes the movie so unrealistic and naive. Nobody believe this kind of propaganda any longer. An another strange thing about this movie are all the rather daring nude scenes. This is pretty unusual for a movie made in the 60's, even the late 60's, but I guess that the director put it there to attract more teenagers. However, the movie as a whole is watchable in a way and not totally without interest, but it's perhaps more like a curiosity though. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claire T (ag) wrote: Ok movie, I enjoyed this movie, a little bit weird, this film stars Dominic Brunt who plays Paddy in Emmerdale and it also stars Jo Hartley and James Doherty, it was a crap movie, I hated it

Carol M (br) wrote: Despite Clooney's blatant and repeated attempts to insert his own political agenda, the movie is entertaining

Cody L (fr) wrote: Has some very weak areas but I still found it overall enjoyable enough.

Jason B (kr) wrote: Great if you're really into Quantum Physics...explains how faith and science interact. It's great how they explain atom theory and how nothing ever touches...amazing.

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Cooper H (us) wrote: Predator 2 is a joke compared to the first. Danny Glover does his best, but taking a terrifying killer such as the Predator out of the jungle and into a city for no real reason really hurts the film.

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