Heaven Knows What

Heaven Knows What

A young heroin addict roams the streets of New York to panhandle and get her next fix, while her unstable boyfriend drifts in and out of her life at random.

Harley loves Ilya. He gives her life purpose and sets her passion ablaze. So, when he asks her to prove her love by slitting her wrists, she obliges with only mild hesitation, perhaps because of her other all-consuming love: heroin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas L (us) wrote: Poorly photographed and atrociously acted, Argento's Dracula is a complete mess on all levels. Some nice looking women succeed in earning the film's single star, but I was hard pressed to find anything else to like. Dracula is seen in all manner of shapes and sizes here, even taking the form of a giant praying mantis at one point (yes, you read that correctly). It burrows from superior versions of the past and can't conjure nearly enough of it's own moments to sustain itself.

Tommy B (kr) wrote: In the end you realize it's a cycle with no real conclusion.

Brandon B (ag) wrote: smart and edgy gay film with a lot of action, suspense, and drama!

Eric O (it) wrote: ironically watched this right after watching Defiance, both of which having Liev Schreiber and Mark Margolis. it's a really interesting juxtaposition of 2 films...equally good in completely different ways

danielle p (ca) wrote: true movie about a fathers love

Luke W (us) wrote: Laura Dern is exceptional in this film, bringing to life a character who wants to be loved so badly that your heart breaks for her. I found it interesting that Diane Ladd and Dern are mother and daughter and that they were both nominated for Academy Awards that year. I think both awards should have gone to these fine actresses who made me care about characters in a genre of film that I would usually avoid, that of the sentimental drama.

Eric W (us) wrote: this movie is a guilty pleasure

Don M (au) wrote: One of the best coming of age and sudden lost of a loved one movies ever.

Anthony T (ru) wrote: Despite the reviews, this is a great film with outstanding performances by Idris and Ms. Harris. We don't need to know all the details but the intent of Madiba

Kimberly W (it) wrote: It was very good, definitely better than the first!

Gerardo S (nl) wrote: It was quite scary at times but It wasn't a bad movie. It was like a slasher movie

Ayrton Anthony C (ca) wrote: Puntaje Original: 7.0Ridiculamente efectiva, con un gran mensaje, ideal para ver en familia.

Katie B (mx) wrote: Only watch it if it's something you think will be good, and for your movie type liking. The film was all very sweet and a very odd storyline but in my opinion a waste of time if the genre is not for you. You won't like it.

Brian S (mx) wrote: This movie doesn't make sense. In other words, it doesn't hold up to the first two installements either, and it gave me enormous headaches, because of the shaky footage. The two first VHS film were also fucked up, but at least you could follow them, but this one looks just like a bunch of poor ass footage mashed together, I mean, what the fuck is going on. And the special eefcts are also weaker than the previous movies, but still okay. Not really recommended though.