Heaven's Burning

Heaven's Burning

In Sydney, the newly married Midori is honeymooning with her husband, Yukio. She does not love him and fakes her own kidnapping to escape the marriage. Her lover is supposed to meet her, but fails to appear. She goes to a bank to get some cash, only to become a hostage in an unfolding robbery, until the getaway driver, Colin, saves her from his fellow robbers. They hit the road together, with the cops, her husband and the robbers in pursuit.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   explosion,  

After a botched bank job, a gang takes a hostage, Japanese girl on the run from arranged marriage, and escapes. Their wheelman saves the girl from them and the two go on the run with the cops, the gang and her psycho father on their tail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drusila P (ag) wrote: I thought it was mediocre acting, the script has nothing surprising...ever. The production could have spent more money on CGI and less on hiring big guns like Billy Zane and Stephen Baldwin, I think that was their biggest mistake. I'll give it to stars because I did like the setting and the photography. You could see it was low budget but it did give you a good sense of isolation.

AK A (us) wrote: A movie that is fun and enjoyable it's not like it's going for best movie but it does have it's moments with funny smart dialogue and a decent performance by one of they most underrated actors of this generation Matthew Perry and the whole I want to have my veneered is quite interesting it falls flat in some ways but it's still a fun movie for a boring saturday nights overall it stands as good sarcastic movie a bit clich (C) yes but it shines in it's own way

London J (de) wrote: I LUV DIS MOVIE ITS GREAT

Luke B (br) wrote: Andrew Divoff continues to own, in this samey/samey sequel. It's ridiculous, going for laughs and gore, but never a scare. The moment someone says "I wish my lawyer would go fuck himself!" You know you're in for a treat. It may not make any sense, but at least it was entertaining in a weird way. The film shouldn't be taken seriously, but it should at least create some rules for its mythology. It seems that the Djinn can now pick and choose which wishes he grants, and manipulates them in ways that don't make sense. There's also too much God talk, from a terible Paul Johansson. To top it off, our heroine is a murderer. In a film like this, you're not going to be able to connect the audience with a complex character, so why bother?

Luke B (fr) wrote: Sherlock and Watson's second wartime adventure. This time the forced patriotism isn't as prevalent which gives way to an interesting story that uses the wartime backdrop to great effect. Holmes, once again played by the phenomenally good Rathbone, helps a scientist with a Secret Weapon to escape Switzerland without running foul of Nazis. Once back in England, the scientist develops his weapon for the British government but an old nemesis of Holmes' is back to wreak havoc. The film has the typical but always amusing banter between Holmes and Watson, with Lestrade also given a number of key scenes to play off the pair. The mystery itself is a bit up and down at times. We are told the answer before Holmes or Moriarty work it out which means they are playing catch-up with us. Also with the short running time there is no time for any character development. It is all exposition. Character was particularly important here, as one could argue against the scientist's choices in how he deals with the situation. A fun and fast paced entry.

Randy T (ru) wrote: Might be the best WWII film made during the war. A tribute to the Dutch resistance as well as the RAF.

Tara H (de) wrote: This starts off as a snappy crime flick, with Gable and Harlow providing the romantic sparks. Then midway it changes to a women's prison drama, and Harlow's performance is very moving. She also sings the title song, a kind of torch ballad. Her scenes with the other reformatory girls are very good, and there is a degree of social realism in the characters she meets - a socialist, and a black preacher's daughter. Anita Loos wrote the script, and while the final scenes are heavily moralistic and sentimental, I enjoyed them - mainly because of Harlow's fine acting.

Luke G (br) wrote: It's sweet and humorous in a childish way, but all of us have a little childhood in us somewhere.

Josh M (mx) wrote: Luke's progression as a Jedi is very nice to follow. He is now a bad-ass Jedi with confidence, which is a great change of pace from A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. The Rebel's final blow is a well put together 3-part sequence that ends with a fulfilling conclusion.

Nicholas L (gb) wrote: Genysis is an absolute mess of a movie that attempts to revisit the glory of the old franchise by tapping into the old movie's timeline which makes everything all the more confusing and irritating. Besides, the action is rather mellow and boring.

Joe M (de) wrote: OK-ish vignette film with different creepy takes on various holidays. Some are stronger than others, but overall an ok watch.