Heaven's Door

Heaven's Door


A young man Tomoya Nagase and a girl Mayuko Fukuda both learn that they have an untreatable illness and are nearing death. When one reveals that they have never been to the ocean, they embark on a comical adventure to see the sea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Heaven's Door torrent reviews

Angela G (fr) wrote: I'll get it three stars for the creepiness, but it still falls short.

Oscar B (ru) wrote: A most see if you like Dragon Ball even the slightest. Did very well to use it's characters and had lots of humor and was all in all thoroughly enjoyably entertaining.

Nicole Q (ru) wrote: Obvious computer animated dinosaurs, boring story. If you want to get a headache, watch it.

Jennie R (au) wrote: Great tension created in this movie! My heart was racing in anticipation of what would happen next. There were a few parts that annoyed me because I thought the main characters were being dumb in their attempt to escape. The effect the director does with shaking the camera at certain parts in the movie was just plain weird. The first time I thought that meant something supernatural was going on. After a few times, I just found it annoying. IT took away from those intense scenes rather than adding to it. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a scare. This will give it to you!

Miro N (kr) wrote: After Kyle MacKachlan's part was over, the movie turned to a piece of crab.

Ciara B (br) wrote: Good, but sad. Christian Slater is so sweet in this movie.

Eric P (de) wrote: An interesting look at life under Communism.

Tommy (br) wrote: Shitty film even by 80's slasher standards. There was one cool death in it where a guy lands on a mat of spikes. Dumb explanation given at the end too. Just terrible. Don't waste your time

Blake P (au) wrote: When I hear of director Ingmar Bergman, I always hear about "Sommarnattens leende" or in English, "Smiles of a Summer Night". It in fact, might be his most famous film, so I thought, why not see it? Bergman is considered one of the best director's ever, and this movie proves that he is great, but he had even better movies to come. Like most of his films, this isn't normal in its genre. We see a group of odd couples going together to have a party at a Count's house. Since none of them love each other and they have all had affair with one another, it only seems like a breeding ground for matchmaking. The movie is so poetic and just plain genius, but at the same time is a very fun romantic comedy. No, it's not sidesplitting funny, but it's funny in the sense of how much the characters are involved with themselves, especially Eva Dahlbeck's character who only wants to ruin the Egerman's marriage so she can have the husband. And with all the couples, it seems like the perfect time to dump each other, and in the end, everyone is happy. Not one moment of the entire movie was I bored. The first hour is just meeting all the characters, seeing what they're like, and how they act around different people. The simple term "character development" is something so easy, yet so many director's abandon it. Bergman doesn't, and in the process makes the people have a good place in our hearts. Then, we get straight to the party, and that's when we see them finally do what they do, and that's when the comedy comes. Every scene has a bunch of antics, and all of the actors pull it off great. I loved every minute of it! "Sommarnattens leende" is a great comedy that is perfect for anybody starting with Ingmar Bergman.

Rebekah A (mx) wrote: So funny. I love when Van Johnson runs into Judy Garland on his bike!

JoAnn R (kr) wrote: Horrible! I couldn't wait for them both to get whacked!

Gabi B (ca) wrote: Quite enjoyable, russian 'stuff' is quite well shown but otherwise is nothing special

Adam W (it) wrote: So dull, so dreary. It felt like I was drowning in wallpaper paste.

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