Heaven's Seven

Heaven's Seven

Seven ex-soldiers are hired to rob a group of American GI's trucks, under the misguided notion that these trucks contain a wealth of treasures. They successfully seize the trucks, only to find that there's nothing precious within. A troop of fully-armed, brutal, not to mention racist GIs, led by Peter, is now after them. At the same time, their former superior (in charge of seven) is tracking down a cargo of dangerous chemicals and he asks for their help. They reluctantly agree, and their personal conflict is turned into an action-packed confrontation fought and waged for the sake of one thing only: their country.

Seven ex-soldiers are hired to rob a group of American GIs' trucks, under the misguided notion that these trucks contain a wealth of treasures. They successfully seize the trucks, only to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hasan M (de) wrote: Indian Film industry has not had a shortage of films about intense subjects pertaining to national, international and internal security matters. In past we have seen Indian films related to encounters, national and international controversies/scams, military operations, police and corporate syndicates, political establishments. So what is different about madras Caf? Madras Caf truly cuts the crap and delivers an honest point of view upon a very sensitive and deeply important issue in Indian history. It does not seem to 'Advocate' to the viewer about what is right or wrong at all. Nonetheless the film treats its subject more seriously than many of us would in our daily lives would. This sincerity makes the film indulging and throws the viewer at the edge of seat with excellent direction from Shoojit Sircar who chisels the subject with timely twists truly cloaking the film with art of direction in a way that the viewer can focus on the subject. The film's beauty lies in only the matter that it treats everyone in the film, less important than the subject itself. And it makes sure the viewer's get the point that patriotism, struggle for freedom, war and politics crisis are above any particular side. Like the invisible art behind the great thriller, Madras Caf's main asset is the invisible director - Shoojit Sircar (and the story for sure). After excellent films like Aparajita Tumi, Yahaan, Vicky Donor and now Madras Caf, Shoojit has certainly proved to be a matured Bengali gem of our modern film industry.The good: There are several winning aspects of the film. Surprisingly this time, it is not some big actor nor one element that is the highlight of the film. It is the integration of several subtle elements that make the film great to watch.- Fast Paced The movie begins with its main story up and running right from start credits without wasting a single dialogue. Exposing viewers to this fast pacing poses a challenge to the film to keep up with this pacing and even deliver a better punch at the end of the film. The film does all of that with a mix of subtle surprises in the plot, and taking time to constantly deliver a lot of details to the viewer. Shoojit Sircar brilliantly chooses which sub-plots and details to focus on, making it fast paced, but to-the-point movie. - The subject is greater than any individual Main leads, Abraham and Fakhri (Who resembles an actual journalist at that time who interviewed LTTE) as well as the supporting cast are very well cast and do what is enough to convey the plot. They do not try to grow more than required. The relationships, sub-plots, consequences of events to follow are all tied to one plot making the viewer ever more interested in anticipation of how things will affect the final outcome. The viewer is made aware that every small detail revealed can and probably will affect the climax. It is surprising that for the first time, the viewers are made to feel deeply sorry, angry, agitated and sad for a cause and events rather than for particular character. This rare quality of the film makes it special in the genre of Indian war films. It clearly instates how its philosophy and subject is greater than any individuals, may it be one civilian, RAW agent, soldier, militant, freedom fighter or politicians.- Details everywhere yet new factors emerge: The film is fun to watch because there are clear details about everything going on in the film. The viewer is made to see the detailed facts upon which some action is being done. The film does not act as an advocate for certain point of view. It is merely an observer and hence it does best at pointing out details and new factors. The film exposes the viewer fearlessly to layers of complications, some of which require the viewer to look at everything from a high-level situation perspective, yet in another consecutive moment deluging themselves in pool of organized details. Moreover, the film puts together a picture of co-existing and competing stakeholders including international interests and alliances to the on-going conflict which suddenly expands the intensity of possible outcome and makes it interestingly tense for the viewer more than ever to see the end.- No Songs. No unnecessary humor.The film does not take a break. - Supporting CastThe supporting actors seem authentic, from LTF leaders, politicians to raw agents, the supporting cast does great job.The not so good:- Clichs : Yes, the film is unlike most other military action thrillers made in Indian cinema till now. However it does suffer from Clichs. The whole premise of why the RAW agent wants to reveal his story to the viewers is trite and certainly could have done something more interesting than what this film has done. It does what every other film does, confess/cry/moan/sob about past in front of a strange priest/psychologist/confidant and writing a book about it or an accord of the experience. Given the creativity used in the rest of the film, this was disappointing. However, there are some other Clichd moments used in the film to let the viewer connect to the film 'emotionally' and it can be argued if they were necessary. Hence it's not bad, but not so good either.Conclusion: Sharp as a piercing emotion, the light-speed plot which shortly takes pauses to let viewers absorb details and feel the intense risks and depth of the subject, Shoojit Sircar's brilliant direction is a must watch. Although, it does come with minor Clich moments throughout the film, it is certainly one of the few films which truly respect the art of film making and use it to convey a deeply felt situation without being pompous about production quality or individuals, creating a vortex which transports the viewer into a situation which does not preach, is not overly arty, just an honest and bold expression of a sensitive situation which is suspense and action laden from start till the end.

Sherry Z (it) wrote: An uninspiring plot combined with stilted acting. Thought I was watching the 2012 version of Sinister

Sol C (ag) wrote: Great film!!!Chazz Palminteri shines in the film. It is great seeing him in a leading role where he isn't the villain. He also has a great ensemble including Christine Lahti, Linus Roache, Michael Lerner, and Tom Guiry. Lahti has a great on screen chemistry with Palminteri. Great screenplay. I definitely recommend this film.

Mike L (br) wrote: A fluid, funny and overall bad-ass film. Trick 'r Treat is the most entertaining Halloween movie out there. It really isn't that scary but it works in this case because it's able to appeal to a wider audience. As a horror movie advocate, it was just scary and twisted enough to satisfy my horror needs but unscary enough that I feel it would keep the faint of heart satisfied. It'd be difficult not to enjoy this film as it is the perfect homage to Halloween, fabricated in an amusing and skillful manner.

Amanda H (it) wrote: This movie was about what I expected- slow-moving, sometimes good, sometimes painfully boring. The idea behind it was good, but the whole thing limped along for most of the film and the slow pace hurt my overall impression of the movie. Also, this is one of the most awkward roles I've ever seen Macaulay Culkin in.

Naadhira A (us) wrote: Exploitation o the beautiful

Edward S (nl) wrote: It is good because the plot is quite complicated.A small grifter (Kevin Pollak) used US 10k of his boss money to gamble.His friend was much more in trouble by owing US 100K to a big mob boss.So they pulled out a scam involving his protege (a charming girl).Soon, this simple plan takes a detour into rip-offs, double crosses.But it is not so great because it's too ambitious to make a complex plot into less-than-two-hours movie.Great con games usually has a simple plot but involving a lot of people (Ocean's Eleven), or has a complex plot but involving fewer people (Matchstick Men).This movie tries to accomplish both.So, the complicated plot has only limited time to be ended, so there is no time to build the excitement.Some sub plots are revealed too easily.It diminishes the enjoyment of having a good ending.But still, it is a good con movie that is worth to be watched more than once.

Guillaume H (kr) wrote: Bridget 2. it has the charm of the original but suffers from a lack of editing; it's a 1h25 kind of movie, not a 1h45 and we are left having waay too much moping and long shots. There are so many good things about it but its lost in there. Its a prime candidate for a recut, that would be awesome.

Lea G (de) wrote: dis clips pweti aaight ae..

Tim W (kr) wrote: Million times better than little Billy Elliot

Cody P (us) wrote: good fight scenes...I fast forwarded some of it. He should at least have to train to make it realistic, maybe do a push up.

Not L (de) wrote: The moral of the story would have been picture perfect if it hadn't been for the ending. The message was lost by placing sexual investment over commitment.

Paul Q (es) wrote: This film has one nirvana moment: Don Cornelius doing something approaching the funky chicken. It only lasts seconds and might escape you, so keep your eyes glued to the screen. This may prove difficult, as the film has some problems, the central plotline in particular. Meat Loaf, charming as the accidental roadie, pines for a wannabe groupie, who leads him across the country to amaze rock and country acts with his astonishing technical skills. The groupie has a physical appeal particular to the turn of the decade (her teeth are a delightful mess!), but the character and actress are so irritating it seems impossible that anyone would follow her across the street, let alone the country. More entertaining is time spent with Art Carney at his Texas home/salvage shop. The musical acts are also fun, starting with Hank Williams Jr. and Roy Orbison. Blondie does Ring of Fire onstage, and Debbie Harry has a too-small role as the groupie's rival. (As if Debbie Harry really could have a rival in 1980!) Alice Cooper's acting performance was a nice surprise, and his warm-up number is far better than his usual recordings. Maybe more musical numbers (and more Don Cornelius!) and less of the roadie romance would have made this a better rock-and-roll picture. As it stands, I still can't figure how Alan Rudolph ended up directing it. His trademark fill-in-the-blanks characters and wondrous emptiness is nowhere here! Car chases, cartoon characters, and broad comedy are not his usual style. I'm not sure any director could have really made the movie work, but the film does capture some musical acts, especially Blondie, at their peaks, and who can resist the latter-day Art Carney watching a wall of televisions from his wheelchair while operating a sliding indoor/outdoor phone booth in his salvage shop?