Heaven's Soldiers

Heaven's Soldiers

Heaven's Soldiers is a 2005 film from South Korea, directed by Min Joon Gi. It is an action and humorous movie shifting back and forth between high tension and comedy, and combining elements of many genres such as war films, time travel and historical drama.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:japan,   china,   nationalism,  

The movie follows two sides: one army whose orders are to deliver a nuke and the other army determined to stop them and try to get the nuke away from them... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (au) wrote: This was a confusing documentary to me. It had pretty good production value, and was mostly entertaining. However, I felt like director Joshua Rofe did a poor job of making his point... Wait, what was his point? I don't know if we were supposed to care about these people and want them off death row or if we were supposed to be horrified by the idea. Either way, I did not care about the subject, but was interested in learning about the crimes.

WS W (mx) wrote: Zhao Wei basically could manage telling a story fluently in her directorial feature debut.The irritating characters (Zheng Wei, the main protagonist, (over-the-top)played by Yang Zishan especially) design, pretentious plotlines setup & script lines really got on my nerves, getting me goosebumps however.

Phillip D (es) wrote: My first thought when I first heard JGL's voice with that god awful maple syrup edition Jersey/Italian accent was, "if this movie were a person, I would want to punch it so badly in the face right now, more than any other film in the world". That feeling continued and intensified until I finally just killed the movie and gave up. Don Jon is a real oddity. I came in envisioning a bit of hipster garbage but the movie isn't really that. Nor is it really a romance either. Or a comedy. Or particularly philosophical for that matter. Those I could all at least sit through (see JGL's previous 500 Days of Summer). I mean sure, its got a precursory look at porn and it's positive/negative role in the modern relationship but I can get the same basics from any blog post or brief online sex help article, so nothing new there. It isn't a particularly performance driven film either. The entire cast is locked into these over the top accents that are just so annoying they completely ruin the movie in the first few minutes. Nobody delivers a shockingly good performance due to this and our characters are the most unlikable people in the world, a mix of Jersey Shore and Gym Rat Douchebag meets Model With Awful Accent who suddenly grows some sort of relationship conscience. It's the kind of shallow plot and simplistic directing you would expect from a first time director but it isn't the sort of set-up you would expect from the critically acclaimed crap hype we've been subjected to ever since this came out. The reality is this, JGL will likely never be anything more than a good supporting actor and an occasionally decent lead under special circumstances. Him trying to make himself work for this film was the height of arrogance, the same cocky attitude that led him to make the bro-iest of bro films and try to pass it off as some sort of new meta reflection on relationships. Don Jon has average transitions, standard scenes, decent writing and pretty cut and dried cinematography. Frankly, without the accents and the offense bro-ness, it's just a supremely average movie. Add in those aspects in addition to the unsurprising tendency to wallow and frolic in offensive and inaccurate stereotypes even as it pokes fun at others and you have the makings of a truly punch-able film made by a truly punch-able director. Save yourself the time.

Indira S (ag) wrote: LOL pixar oh pixar ^^

Jesse O (br) wrote: This movie wasn't as bad as I was led to believe. It still wasn't the best comedy by any shot. It was boring during some parts, it picked up at the end during the chase scene with the big Samoan guy. I really don't remember much of the movie but I remember that it's not bad at all. I would rather have seen Clerks 2 buuuuuuuut my friends had to oppose me (well one didn't ). Oh well next time. Above average movie.

Adel N (it) wrote: First of all, I adore Maggie Gyllenhaal. I love her acting and if you have not seen this little indy gem then you are missing out. This story is about a woman trying to get back on her feet after serving time in jail. I love the journey she takes in this movie and it is one of her best roles to date. Heres hoping her role as Rachael in Dark Knight is just as good.

bill s (us) wrote: When Medea is on screen it's funny but otherwise you gotta pass.

Ron R (ca) wrote: I liked this movie because it was a pretty original idea (I know it was based on a book but I hadn't seen a movie quite like it). Plus, pre-crazy Shia LaBeouf.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Amusing Spanish Oscar winner for Foreign Film about a deserter who manages to find himself helping out an old man and his hot daughters. The guy is attracted to all the daughters (and they to him) and entertainment ensues. Clever moments throughout, I loved the street dance sequence and Penelope Cruz gives a nice performance. The opening is also very good, it's a nice set up for the story.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Hammy and Cheesy all in one! High-octane, intense action,violence, babes, pretty boys, and surfing. All the pillars of a good story, which should be part of the English literature curriculum. Surfers find it more bitchin' to rob banks than work. Gnarly Keanu Reeves (agent Utah) tries to take down Patrick Swayze (Bodhi)'s crew. Over the top stunts, with tongue and cheek over the top acting mixes well enough to pull off an entertaining movie. Swayze's presence makes Point Break bodacious. 3 stars.

Virgil H (de) wrote: This story makes me think seriously again of an expedition to the Promised Land and enjoying immersion at a specially chosen kibbutz. Such an intense movie based on the crazy but true story of a brave and resourceful Jewish lad, Solomon, who manages to elude Nazi capture and atrocities by masquerading as an ethnic German living outside Germany. It reminds me of the Biblical story of Joseph because of how Solomon gains so much favor with the Nazis to the point that he gets enrolled in an elite Hitler Youth School in the middle of Nazi Germany (the irony). Ironically, the alias he uses is the name Josef. There's a classic scene in the movie where a Nazi "expert" in Jewish detection is teaching the Nazi youth how to pick out a Jew based on physical traits. The "expert" selects Solomon/Josef as his subject for a demonstration, and after some measurements and observations, pronounces that Solomon/Josef is of "pure Aryan stock" :P Julie Delpy was very impressive playing a female Hitler Youth.

Jeannine O (de) wrote: A really wonderful film.

Lester Y (jp) wrote: The social experiment, much like the young subjects of the series, are finally reaching their full potential. This installment is a vast improvement over the previous two in terms of pure viewability. It's now the length of a feature film, and most of the people now get the screentime they deserve, Tony (a wild child with an interesting trajectory to say the least) and Suzie (the ballerina) being my personal favorites. It further explores the separation of class, and among other things, sex, religion, ambition, now with naturally more sophisticated responses. A complaint/recommendation: there is a LOT of recycled footage in these documentaries (they're very useful however), so take your time and watch these in lengthy intervals. Otherwise, it lives up to its great premise.

SlitThroat3DM (us) wrote: more of a comedy then a horror movie

Nancy D (es) wrote: I've had the book, it was amazing. Then I ordered it through Amazon as a DVD, it never got to me. I was checking the price, now I learned in January that it got here, but was stolen. I know the book was excellent

Juan S (fr) wrote: Not a bad movie i really loved it