Heavy Times

Heavy Times

One summer afternoon, out of boredom and peer pressure, three best friends (Dan, Mark, and Hugh) go to visit Dan's sister for dinner. Soon after meeting Dan's brother in law Rick, the trio ...

One summer afternoon, out of boredom and peer pressure, three best friends (Dan, Mark, and Hugh) go to visit Dan's sister for dinner. Soon after meeting Dan's brother in law Rick, the trio ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cynthia L (br) wrote: Great movie despite the negative reviews. I was touched!!

Timm L (au) wrote: Get a Horse is as surprising as Paperman. When Pixar is still making decent Pixar shorts, Disney delivers unexpected and mind-blowing shorts. Even if Get a Horse doesn't have a good story, it makes up for twists and surprising animation usage. Thumbs up for Disney once again!!!!!

Taganas F (fr) wrote: So happy Snoop turned away from death and moved into the light

Michael S (mx) wrote: The movie would have been more well-received if it were released in theaters instead of straight-to-video.

Vanessa R (gb) wrote: I loved this movie and Kat Dennings did an awesome job.

KarlaLea S (ca) wrote: Can't wait!!! Channing Tatum = YUM!

Jeff B (nl) wrote: OK, if you haven't seen enough gritty WWII escape films, here's another one for you. Based on a true story, with considerable Hollywood embellishment,, you get all the death, mayhem, pain and suffering you like, if you like that kind of thing in your movies. Sure, there's some good actors here doing some good acting, but nothing new under the sun. Yes, we know, war is hell, man is inherently evil and unjust, but we all want to survive. We've been this way many times before. But if you are having a particularly good day, and you want to take it down several notches, this is just the gritty, death and hopelessness film you're looking for.

Calvin R (de) wrote: Bats is horribly directed, horribly acted, not scary, nor creepy, and the CGI for a 1999 film is terrible. Terrible action sequence and the only reason why I didn't give it a zero is because of Lou Diamond Phillips.

Joe K (br) wrote: nothing OUTSTANDING but youre not going to rng me down with a movie about a zoo. I really liked it, and it really had everythingg to do with the zoo..nostupid subplots etc....sticked to the script. thumbs up! it was recommended to me, I recommend to you.

Joseph F (ru) wrote: It was not like its predessasor. I didn't even understand the concept and the story line of the movie, it is better to watch "Tom and Jerry".

Mardi T (gb) wrote: I really love all the Carry On films - they are so salaciously naughty whilst being inoffensive (unlike much modern fare unfortunately). Only those Brits can do something this good (and mischievous!).

Michael R (nl) wrote: Had to watch a good western to make up for meeks cutoff. Such a great story, tons of great themes, every character well developed and the timing is perfect. Martin Ritt is one of the best directors of our time. Also check out 'The Front'

tina t (ag) wrote: I am cuba- i think the greatness of this movie is in the fact that although it has been shot in 1964 it carries messages that are actual and of great importance even today in 2012. one of the messages is the way people view politics, its white or its black, you are either on the side of the problem or the solution. people are so caught up in getting rid of the problem that they sometimes forget to look closely who brings the solution and if the solution is right one for the country's future. Human nature always waits for a savior, someone who will direct them and give them instructions, so that they feel safe. in addiction to this, movie tells us about different social layers and how they experience politics and revolution on their skin, some are below the poverty line, they are forced into immoral deeds, such as prostitution, some are poor but have worked in the fields everyday of their lives and are willing to continue, until lands are sold to rich foreign businessmen. some are longing for peace, and they refuse to fight until they feel war touching their family, killing their children- that's when they wake up. this movie shows multiple types of humans, behaving in different ways in the same situation, some adapt to it, some protest- directly or indirectly, others have their heads in the sand, until war touches their skin and burns them. although this movie is anti-batista pro-castro movie in its nature a propaganda, if one looks closely, this movie deciphers and observes finely human nature on multiple dimensions. definitely worth watching!!

Gary H (de) wrote: One of the greatest 20th Century Propaganda films. Filmed at a Nazi rally in Nuremburg in 1934.....12 years later the same Nazi leaders would be put on trial @ Nuremburg for War Crimes.

Andrew U (ag) wrote: Inventive French silent serial.

Anna B (mx) wrote: Late-period Welles just seems to give me a headache. The dubbing, the head-spinning editing. And he's so incredibly satisfied with his bag of tricks that he never really gets the misdirection to work so I never felt like he pulled anything over on me. Yes Orson, I get that you're lying now. I noticed that you said an hour when the movie is longer than that. No, Oja isn't that attractive, but good job anyway. Still, it's pretty fun to watch, even if half the time I had no idea what he was talking about.

Jason P (mx) wrote: Couldn't give it a negative this was the worst album ever put out by Metallica

Carlos M (ag) wrote: A stupid teen flick that may be mildly amusing at times but is mostly really silly and forgettable, with awful dialogue and clichs everywhere, being only worth it for its nice '80s songs and not much else.