Heavy Weight on the Block

Heavy Weight on the Block

Two former friends are forced to cross paths to deal with a greater evil.

Two former friends are forced to cross paths to deal with a greater evil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heavy Weight on the Block torrent reviews

ashwin G (gb) wrote: the movie is just super..?

Toni L (mx) wrote: This movie seriously disturbed me in the best way possible.

clinton e (jp) wrote: You definitely have to see the previous installments to see this one, for there are so many early references. Any way, the movie was great. What else can I say? If you've stuck with the series this long you're going to like it. It has absolutely no story (just traps) but who cares? No one really walks into one of these movies as a critic looking for the perfect script and story,there really just for fun! It's really just torture, which is really the only reason that people watch these. The ending kind of let me down. It was great, but it wasn't that huge Ah! moment where the plot twists and leaves you thinking. Other than that, it's saw, what more can I say!

Bruno V (ag) wrote: There are a 100 in a dozin like this one... Russel was ok , his caracter don't follow the rules...corrupt . SOMDVD

Peter N (es) wrote: Typical Spike Lee: bizarre and interesting. Ray Allen's acting chops are the highlight of the film.

Brenda D (es) wrote: La onda a toda madre o es un desmadre.

Andrew K (gb) wrote: Take every camp cliche in the book, horrible C-list actors sprinkled with a few horrible future A list actors, a bad script, and hokey 90s clothing then you have this rot.

Doug J (nl) wrote: Among the best worst movies I've ever seen.

Steve A (ru) wrote: "Catch-22" is a great book that could never really be done justice to in movie form. Mike Nichols's effort is about the best one could hope for.

Stephen T (nl) wrote: You have to give credit to Howard Hughes because the man knew how to make a film everyone could enjoy. Hughes' RKO Pictures produced His Kind of Woman in 1951 with John Farrow directing. Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell lead, while Vincent Price, Jim Backus, Raymond Burr and Tim Holt support. The film is similar to another Robert Mitchum film noir - Out of the Past (1947, Jacques Tourneur) - with it's Mexican setting, gangster/mobster antagonist, and rich film noir nuances. Yet it departs from film noir in three key aspects: (1) there is a subdued, battle-of-the-sexes banter throughout, which is usually found in romantic comedies; (2) a (genuine) exciting thriller aspect, and (3) it's beach resort, not urban, landscape. Wickedly sharp dialogue peppers the screen, while cinematography as an art form is at fever pitch. Mitchum is in classic form and has no trouble at all; Russell, a longtime Hughes protg and fine actress herself, gives a sensual yet not quite femme fatal performance as she is more Mitchum's equal throughout; and of course Vincent Price's expanded role here as a ham actor/amateur hunter infusing the film with comedy and unexpected loyalty. Also, several other actors break type in this film: Raymond Burr as the Lucky Luciano-esque gangster, Tim Holt as a fed., and Jim Backus playing a devil-with-a-grin resort guest. This film bends genres in the very best of ways. Highly recommended!

Rudy C (ca) wrote: Ugh, why is this in my digital library? Isn't there a clause in the Academy Award winner's agreement that the recipient is obligated to only perform in quality films or forfeit his/her Oscar?Oh, Cher! You're a diva! Please stop!

Jude P (fr) wrote: So called critics hate when the truth is said as it really happened. This movie sure makes an impact over hatred and forgiveness.