Hector's parents sent him to an orphanage in treatment for smallpox but... they never picked him up. 35 years later, he still lives in the orphanage, surrounded by children, his playmates. Till a forgotten aunt remembers that he exists. She'll get him to participate in the bakery of her husband, Achilles, to work. Hector shows his skills on the basis of unexpected inventions. So he helps Jos, the son of Achilles, to accomplish his dream to be a cycling champion. Hector's good humor and childlike manner overcomes all resistance and pulls his entire entourage along on the path to success. From now on he can learn what love is...

Hector had been in the orphanage for 35 years, until his aunt Ella and uncle Achiel pick him up. They want him to work at their bakery. At his new home he also helps training Achiel's son, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Emanuel P (au) wrote: An updated version of Saw that puts its contestants in a wide range of would you rather sceneries.

Tor M (kr) wrote: Picked it up at TV thirty minutes in or so I never got into the story completely but I probably figured it. The story is not the most vital thing here anyhow, but it's about the laughs. And it does give me some laughs. Some characters are very cool. The no sleep-guy and the Stefan-character are my favorites. Satirical film that's on point at times and it's the closest thing to "The Big Lebowski" that I've seen in the Norwegian movie business5 out of 10 lints.

James P (nl) wrote: Shaoling Popeye is a very strange film. The protagonists are little more than babies fortified like Popey with a nourishing food, in this case, breast milk. If you can get past much of what passes for humor you will find a pleasent special effects film without any depth.

Capri B (es) wrote: Love this movie. Watched the trailer after not watching the movie for awhile, & got a big, big smile on my face :-) :-)

Justin B (kr) wrote: There's a ton of entertaining cameos and IMO it's Smith's funniest and most entertaining film but everything teeters on how much you care about his characters and the world he has created. If you liked his work so far, it's an endearing live action cartoon; if you haven't, it's a gross out, self indulgent wank off.

Farah R (br) wrote: What a load of rubbish! This movie makes absolutely no sense. With Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz as the lead, one would expect at least something watchable. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make this movie happen or cast recognizable faces in it but he or she were wrong beyond reason.