A gay romantic comedy about a guy who loses his job and out of desperation takes a job in a cabaret club as a drag performer.

A gay romantic comedy about a guy who loses his job and out of desperation takes a job in a cabaret club as a drag performer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristin K (us) wrote: It is so special to see a great idea film that succeeds without high budget effects. Just a thought for those who have seen it: Theo's own storyline is also determined by his equation. Is this a cyclical fallacy?

Janet D (it) wrote: Okay, so maybe I'm in the minority here, but I LIKED this movie. Was it a bit trite & cliche at times? Sure...but what movie isn't? At times "In Time" felt a bit rushed, but that might've been done purposefully by the director/producer, because after all, "In Time", the entire premise was time is money, in the realest sense possible. Justin Timberlake plays Will Salas, your typical bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, or in this case, the wrong time zone. In Will's world, time is not only what makes life livable, but also how you pay for pretty much everything, from rent to food to your life. The best part of the movie for me was Alex Pettyfer as Fortis, his scenes were evenly scattered throughout & he stole the show...which is why I'm surprised that Flixster didn't even post Alex with a picture as part of the main cast and crew. The Timekeepers who had significantly less screen time were billed above Alex on Flixster. NOT COOL.

Hayden H (mx) wrote: Save yourself the time and energy this is garbage

(mx) wrote: my msn title is inspired from this movie

NeCrO (nl) wrote: NAACP...BET TV...Million man march.....Who's the racists here????

Marcelo S (kr) wrote: A movie who you laught even watching many times.

Larissa N (jp) wrote: powerful determined acting by blanchett... couldn't stop picturing her as princess diana tho w/ that haircut.

Robert H (it) wrote: I'm a lover of robot films and post-apocalyptic worlds (both of which are in this film). Having loved Robot Jox (this is technically a sequel to said film), and seeing two robots on the cover of Robot Wars, I was all giddy with anticipation... until I watched the film. The film opens with one robot being used essentially as an amusement park ride. While it is fun to watch stop motion robots, I was a little disapointed at first (luckily it does battle a tank early on). Then you find out there are no more robots left. That this giant scorpion robot is the only robot in existence. Well isn't that great. Why put two robots on the cover only to find out there aren't two robots... or are there? After a long drawn out and terribly acted, scripted and pointless romance as well as a clearly misguided subplot involving a reporter and her scientist friend trying to uncover a cover up (only to get scared and run away), we learn there is another robot; A rusted, hardly working, pile of junk robot. But due to the skills of its pilot (I think that's the reason but don't quote me on it) he manages to defeat the pilot of the scorpion robot and alls well that ends well. So while I did get to see two robots fight, I had to sit through a bunch of crap to get to it. The movie isn't bad if you fast forward through all the dialogue and just watch the stop motion robots. Of course, then you'd miss all the story and the reasons for the robots fighting... as if that matters.

Tim S (ca) wrote: I often forget there was a sequel if that tells you anything.

D M (ru) wrote: A team of archeologists including some grad students explore the Everglades. Soon they decide to strip to their skivvies and party. They piss off and wake a long-dead Injun witch-doctor who can transform into animals. First a shark attacks (yes, in the fresh water), then aligators destroy their boat, then they are pursued by an Anaconda as they try to walk back to civilization (and apparently he has transformed into a tiger in the past). They search out a way to kill the revived Injun and end up getting trapped in his tomb. Poor acting, some cool animal footage, a bit of gore and a lot of booty-shakin' shots make this worth a watch for trash-movie hounds like me.

Gabriel M (au) wrote: Thanks to a completely god-awful transfer and terrible dub job, this decent movie didn't get much of a fair chance from me. I have to say though, the second the hero got his chain blade, the movie got ridiculously awesome. Now to get a DVD transfer that's not useless...

Matthew C (nl) wrote: Well, now i know that Spike Jonze can write as well as direct.Her is a great little film-and I do mean little. The movie keeps itself contained, not going for any stupid little "save the world" thing, instead striving for a straightforward romance(mostly). I feel like if this movie was directed by anyone else, it would have had so much stupid stuff getting in the way of its goal, but luckily Spike Jonze knows what he's doing. Now, let's delve into the objective parts of the film.The acting is fantastic. Joaquin Phoenix sells his performance as a lonely guy, and Scarlett Johansson was great as his OS. The cinematography is great, with a lot of vibrant colors and interesting angles to chew on. There's some great music in this, which I thought was very nice, and fit the mood extremely well. And finally, of course, the writing is amazing, with dialogue that doesn't sound forced, and meaningful conversations that sound meaningful. One thing I'd like to mention additionally, is that this film has some amazing sets. The sets remind me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, in how they seem so real, that the movie really could be set 10 years in the future. What makes the sets so good is that they don't go over the top; they only make changes where there likely WILL BE changes in the future. That kind of subtlety and forethought just deserves praise.Theodore in this movie reminds me of Barry Egans from Punch-Drunk Love. Both are unlucky in love. But besides that, what makes them alike? Barry is antisocial, while Theodore is popular. Barry has never experienced love, while Theodore is divorced. What ties them together is their pure love that they feel towards their NEW lovers. Even though Theodore has felt love before, this movie is a new chapter for him, and like a chapter, it ends. But beyond that, his life goes on. Maybe he fell in love with someone else, maybe not. But all that matters for him is the beautiful time that he gets to spend with Samantha- and all that matters for us is the amazing time we get to spend with him.

Bob P (us) wrote: 5/5 very engaging and nicely depicted

Philip L (kr) wrote: Bleak but ultimately uplifting - the 2 leads admirable do the whole range of emotions.

Ian W (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this. The comedy was good and did not go for the easy pickings that most films could have done. I also liked the fact that this was a half decent plot too. I did not know that this was based on a TV series. I might have to check that out sometime.

Vincent T (br) wrote: Avec le cote nostalgie, le film s'en sort bien. Un bon JCVD bien maitrise meme s'il y a a redire sur les incoherences concernant le voyage dans le temps