Heer & Hero

Heer & Hero

The story is about the dreams of the pivot character Geet , who is being helped by her 3 friends, each one of them having crush on her and want to marry her. All three together help her to ...

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Heer & Hero torrent reviews

Amber C (ca) wrote: Really good for youngsters and teens, it teaches you not to take nothing for granted but don't take everything. I definitely liked it.

Alia I (mx) wrote: Didn't really care about any of the characters but the movie's still an amusing watch. Predictable yet moderately entertaining. Kinda lost interest after the first half though.

Jilie L (it) wrote: it's funny..just bit unrealistic..what movie does?huh.. whatever..

Private U (jp) wrote: Based on a true story, great comedy drama, Kenneth Cranham and Leo Bill are perfect together

Brett H (de) wrote: Fucking brilliant satire that sucks you into the obviously manipulated "reality tv" world and you forget you're even watching a movie! The actors were so natural their performances seemed like genuine citizens. Really neat plot and it can get a little disturbing but I highly recommend, the ending was hilarious too

shanul h (it) wrote: The longer it goes, the crazier it becomes. I haven't seen a film this funny in a really long time.

Ken T (ca) wrote: OMG..."B" or "C" flick I'm not sure, but this was the dumbest SyFy flick yet.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Pretty fantastic western/comedy. Maclain and Eastwoods chemistry is strong, and they have some great interactions. There's some genuinely funny bits too.

Luis C (mx) wrote: Um filme fetichista que serviu de inspirao para Tarantino , principalmente em seu " Prova de Morte".

Shweta K (mx) wrote: Saw it as a kid. Abs Loved it....

MF J (nl) wrote: What a film! First of all what really stands out in this movie is the landscapes.... absolutely breathtaking & completely part of the story , the Bolivian countryside is maybe the first hero of this beautiful picture. The story is very well written, the characters are rough, fearless, nicely acted by a really great bunch of talented people Sam Sheppard ahead of the crew. I think it's visually one the best film i have ever seen in my life and believe me i have seen a lot! This film has a very special vibe, a moody feeling, time is running for us all but it seems the earth is unchanged, the desert remain the same, the great salty plain will go on while human stories passes by and print their little marks on this eternal places.... What a film guys, what a film!

Sherry F (ru) wrote: One of the funniest movies I've seen.

bill s (fr) wrote: Well done war flick that just powers through some real rough moments.

adam b (us) wrote: The story isn't too bad and the action is brutal. The low budget also gave it a bit of a comic book feel which I thought was appropriate. However, the dialogue and acting were so poor it was impossible to enjoy anything good about the film as I was just dreading anyone opening their mouth.