Heer Raanjha

Heer Raanjha

Tragic love story. Punjabi "Romeo and Juliet".

Tragic love story. Punjabi "Romeo and Juliet". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly D (de) wrote: Great family movie. Based on a true story. Just amazing.

Grant S (ag) wrote: So-so sci-fi-action-adventure movie. Kind of Max Max meets 28 Days Later (with a bit of Duran Duran's "Wild Boys" video mixed in). Had a lot of potential, and was quite interesting and intense for the first half or so. However, became a fairly stock-standard action-adventure movie from a point.Reasonably good action sequences.Rhona Mitra puts in a decent performance in the lead role. (And looks very good doing so...). Other performances are nothing to write home about. Malcolm MacDowell and Bob Hoskins don't have much screen time and are only there to give the movie credibility. Hammiest performance goes to Craig Conway as Sol, the leader of the bad guys.

Dvd T (ca) wrote: I loved this movie, I recommend it constantly, fuck haters, I have no concern on their opinion. Shane West played a pretty good Darby, and sounded dead on.

Pablo I (it) wrote: I like alternative perspectives, but there are number of controversies I would like to note. To start with whitewashing of why and how Forell went to war- the East front was very brutal and not just SS but whole Wermacht was involved in the most horrible attrocities, while we are given picture of good father defending his country, while his family and whole village long for him. Then Russians are sort of oriental Germans, a bit wild but very effective in all their evil doings, I also can't imagine that somebody would allow Kamenev to hunt his German from Siberia to Uzbekistan - the Soviet Union simply did not work this way. Solzhenitsin gave much more accurate picture of Gulag system.

Prasun R (nl) wrote: deglamorized, funny, poignant

Fabiano L (br) wrote: Depois de ler o excelente livro de Jon Krakauer's, procuro esse filme (baseado no livro) para assistir.

Tony (ru) wrote: Just saw this one. Very well done, very well acted. Very subtle, but very honest about Lewis Carroll's relationship with the real Alice. The puppetry work by The Jim Henson creature shop was beautiful. Manages to be both eerie and magical at the same time.

Blake P (ru) wrote: I gotta say, I was not expecting to like "Arabesque", really at all. I adored "Charade", which was also done by Stanley Donen. Reading the reviews here, I was worried this would just be a carbon copy, but thank god it wasn't. "Arabesque" is stylish, "ultra mod", chic, and witty, which it does definitely have in common with "Charade". But there was something it has that "Charade" doesn't-- suspense and action. OK, it has some, but this is chocked full of it, and does not waste time on jokes. Modern is what ultra mod means, and seeing this, it is very obvious why that theme was so popular in the late '60's. Now that the Hays Code was long gone, movies could now have foul language and sex, and while I was expecting something more in that range, that's not what happened at all. This is in fact, a scenic, quick thriller that is smart and entertaining throughout. Donen makes the most of everything and brings out color and landscape, and makes use of great cinematography. Be on the lookout for some strange shots-- a lot of the film is seen through mirrors, doors, and even showers, which sounds odd, but is actually quite a sight. The highlight of "Arabesque" however, is its two stars, Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. They were already Hollywood royalty, both winning Oscar's a year apart, yet they still had not made a film together. I think this was the perfect movie for them to be in. Loren has here Italian charms, thus plays an exotic, sexy spy. Peck has always been the likeable guy, and here he's a college professor thrown into a labyrinth of crime. Even with their very different characters, they have terrific chemistry and are the perfect sidekicks to one another, creating a James Bond like persona. I really like them in here, and make the snappy dialogue there very own. I love when great actors get together! It's magic! "Arabesque" might be campy, and even cheesy, but heck, it is NOT "Charade" and proves to be one heck of a wild ride. Recommended.

Gabriel K (br) wrote: An excellent neo-noir which is surprisingly little known. Gene Hackman is great (one of his best performances) as a washed-up PI who investigates a case that is way over his head. The story is told entirely from his point of view, so at times the audience is as confused as he is. The movie stays true to the noir genre all the way through the end, and the ending is quite bleak, which is probably one of the reasons it didn't receive the publicity it truly deserves.

Kevin D (de) wrote: It is definitely one of Nicholas Cage's better movies. It is a little cliched at some times running off of standards in most last-man-standing-getaway movies, but Red Rock West is smart and the acting is rather believable and enjoyable.