Hei kliffaa hei!

Hei kliffaa hei!

Kultsi's uncle dies and he is about to inherit great amount of money. Problem is that there's another heir, Wilhelm. Testament contains a contest where each heir must grow their funds as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hei kliffaa hei! torrent reviews

Michael R (mx) wrote: this is a really good movie watch this movie please

Raul R (gb) wrote: Saw it last night in Miami. Awesome movie! The director establishes a beautifully lyrical atmosphere. The acting is superb, going all the way down the line to the secondary characters. As with his earlier movie C.R.A.Z.Y., the music is very well chosen, and almost its own character within the story.

Robert S (ag) wrote: Our last free election in America.Also shows why the DNC can not win anything...

Brendan P (it) wrote: I basically watch anything with Lance Henriksen in it; even if the movie is bad he's always gives a high-grade performance. This movie had a really cool idea with a very poor execution. If it only had a decent script backing it up, any kind of budget, a director with some kind vision, or even half-way capable actors (Henriksen excluded of course) it would have been much more enjoyable than what we have here. It's like a low-rate X-Men with a post-apocalyptic backdrop. A everything settles man named Parish (Lance Henriksen) becomes the leader (really more like a king) of the new world. Under his rule anything he deems unholy is banned, the main atrocity being people with supernatural, or mutant, powers. Then a mutant named Rage (horribly play by Daniel Goddard) decides to stand up a bring Parish and reign crumbling down. Too bad a cool concept, even if it's not that original, doesn't make a good movie.

Filipe C (fr) wrote: Atmospheric cinematography sets the mood brilliantly and highlights the good, the bad and the weird, but does little to focus Burton's wondering mind.

Scott P (kr) wrote: I gotta say I actually enjoyed this installment more than the first. Unfortunately it leaves you with a weird cliffhanger of sorts and now I HAVE to see the third one.

Tom K (nl) wrote: My wife and I just love this movie. I don't know why the critics didn't like it. We watch it for fun every Halloween. Deluise's and Radner's dance version of "Ballin' the Jack" is a hoot. It's kind of off genre, somewhere between an old-fashioned chiller and a comedy. I like it, but then I like off-kilter films. Also, there wasn't a bunch of sex scenes and I don't remember the "f" word being used once during the whole thing. Sex and the f-word seems to be required in order for critics to like a movie. I personally think critics see too many movies. This one was just plain old fun!

Samantha P (mx) wrote: really stupid but gross!

Hugo G (nl) wrote: I saw first the remake, and thought it was a very cute love story of a young couple, but nothing else. And after watching and comparing both of them, I don't think one was better than the other, simply because they were both so different. This one being more dark and mature, but also being about a more obsessive first love than a cute romance. The acting thought it was good, and just by looking at Brooke Shields, you could believe how a man could fall so hard in love.

Noel A (jp) wrote: Good teenage come up story