Hei mao zhi ci sha Ye Li Qin

Hei mao zhi ci sha Ye Li Qin


Scientists install a micro chip, called Black Cat, inside the brain of a violence prone girl named Catherine in an attempt to refine and control her fits of rage. Their plan is to turn her into the perfect government secret agent "killing machine". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hei mao zhi ci sha Ye Li Qin torrent reviews

Nathan C (mx) wrote: 4% is too low for an animated movie.This shouldn't be a movie!Score: 0/10

Bob M (jp) wrote: Never ever ever ever!!

Arnaud L (nl) wrote: A very UFO style in this nostalgic/biographical/melodramatic film. The characters are very touching and the casting is perfect. One of the best HK film of this year so far.

John B (us) wrote: While I thought the facts of this movie were interesting about this true story, but, the movie itself was very slow moving and dragged on and lacked flow plus the ending was sudden

Amy V (de) wrote: wow this was amazing

Thomas L (es) wrote: In all honesty, you really aren't missing a lot by not seeing this. That said, you won't feel like you completely wasted your time watching it either.

Angus M (mx) wrote: Do I really even have to explain?

Paul D (gb) wrote: As artificial a storyline as you like. Only for kids.

Bridget K (ca) wrote: Perfection in every sense of the word.

Eddie G (us) wrote: the one of richest man in world, from Bosnia, small village in Bosnia, is dead, he left he's billion to hes udopted son....... and the story goes, classical, who killed Nerio, who's damn well acted by one of best EX Yugoslavian actors Miki Manojlovic, who worked behind hes back etc stufff. of and how udopted son, for whom none knewed he existed, is gona prove hes the right one.... its nice and interesting action thriller,

Jesse F (ca) wrote: Some decent moments here and there, there's not much else to recommend.

Curtis M (gb) wrote: The weakest in the series. Inferior to its predecessors. Produced considerably fewer laughs than the first American Pie or American Wedding. Bad enough to make Scary Movie III look like a masterpiece.

Annu R (us) wrote: I love it.. It's heartwarming

Ilja R (au) wrote: Kivaa puhetta, hyv yhteiskunnallista kommentointia, uskottavat elvt hahmot...mutta aika tks-tks etenev elokuvaa.

Orlok W (jp) wrote: Rosemary's Baby meets The Hitcher... Tense and effective thriller!!

angie f (ca) wrote: I love this movie, remember loving it as a child too.

Guido S (jp) wrote: Kim Basinger's son is taken hostage, and it is up to surfer Chris Evans to save him. She ends up calling him on a broken phone and dialing numbers until she reaches him. This is a really cheesy movie and the technology in this movie is incredibly dated so it really looks weird watching it now. Not very believable and just way too dumb to be enjoyable.

Stanley C (es) wrote: Ex Machina stays fresh as a very original idea, mainly by using artificial intelligence to script the dialogue for a soft porn movie about having sex with fembots and seeing them strip down and serve the villain's misogyny and corruption. The movie was rather difficult for me to understand, but I slowly figured it out more and more, it has more to do with how the creator wanted to use fembots to replace human women for his own pleasure, and it was more about the robots' purpose than how they were made or how they function that rotated the movie.

Annukka P (gb) wrote: Kyllhn tt katsoi (vaikkakin vain sivusilmll), mutta ei tst juuri mitn kteen jnyt. Colin Firth ja Heather Graham olivat taas sympaattisia, mutta se ei kai viel ihan riit.