Heintje: A Heart Goes on a Journey

Heintje: A Heart Goes on a Journey


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Heintje: A Heart Goes on a Journey torrent reviews

Michelle S (ag) wrote: I personally liked it better than the first one. The songs were catchier. Loved the cameos.

Samira M (ag) wrote: I hated the movie. Waste of time and shit... I rated 3 stars only and only because of Keanu Reves... he is a brilliant actor. i really dont get it why h chose to do a shit crap film like this.. But never the less he is a great great guy and an amazing actor <3

Jos Pedro d (nl) wrote: Full of pathos! Brilliant and effortless acting.

James O (gb) wrote: Oh man this is trash. Disjointed, terrible acting, desperate to be a pulp hit it ends up as a terrible waste of my time. Got nothing further to add.

Scott H (it) wrote: Enjoyable and interesting, but formulaic ending.

Kim K (ag) wrote: this movie shocked me...it was pretty funny

Charles G (ca) wrote: I thought it was an interested version of a person given a second chance like Heaven Can Wait.

April M (jp) wrote: I love this entire cast, even the one eyed cat

Kyle L (au) wrote: Based on a true story, this is a remarkable accounting of one woman's grit and courage to survive the inhumanity of a male-dominated society and then to triumph. Seema Biswas is unforgettable!

Bob N (kr) wrote: Funny... I love John Candy :)

Peter F (jp) wrote: Prince of the City is classic Lumet for sure, but it's also sprawling to a fault. It's hard not to be impressed by the film's epic scope, using a huge multitude of actors and locations in the production, and it's looks at the complexities of the justice system are intriguing. Still, the film is all over the place in terms of style and narrative, and while Treat Williams does do a fine performance, he doesn't quite do enough to make us sympathize with his cop-out-of-water character as we did for Al Pacino in Serpico. Not one of Lumet's very best, but far from his very worst.

James D (us) wrote: A great piece of heart-stirring propaganda-- at least if you're an American like me!

Tommaso D (it) wrote: Expectations rise high when a movie has such a stellar cast.And they're mostly acheived in this absorbing drama.Terrific acting performances bring the honest and insightful American Hustle to a high level of satisfaction for the audience.

Jeff M (fr) wrote: A lighter interpretation of the Italian underworld, through the eyes of the neurotic Jewish psychiatrist.

Andra P (ru) wrote: Ethan Hawke just keeps on making the best choices as an actor. This movie is no different. If you liked his latest roles, you're going to like this.

(ag) wrote: Comedy Horror with a Final Destination Actor

Arslan K (gb) wrote: Very enjoyable beginning to end and it's totally not overrated and people who say money monster is better are little pig fucks. (Ryan)

Nicola W (gb) wrote: I expect this film was better in the 80s. Great cast of all the good 80s actors. Funny in parts but not great comedy. The best bit was the mud wrestling. An ok watch but not as good as I hoped