Heintje - Mein bester Freund

Heintje - Mein bester Freund

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1970
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boy,   sequel,   song,  

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Heintje - Mein bester Freund torrent reviews

willy w (fr) wrote: good enough to watch once. the premise is farfetched but a great setup. it's worth 70 minutes with of material at most, however. maybe too much white. the first half of the movie I began wanting to squint. I hate having to look at the protagonist throughout the film. he's kinda gross to look at. beyond the premise I'd say there's not much to write home about. mediocre script, act, cinematography, plot. cool special effects (but who want expecting that). it drags on too long. in the end who cares? who is who and who matters?

Gabriela I (es) wrote: Light russian comedy

JosieLynn L (jp) wrote: this was alright. i wasnt too engaged in the family or other characters. i feel like they could have developed them more or some other way.... and i didnt really like how the boy cries. it was ok...

Chloe G (nl) wrote: I'm not sure why people hate this so much. It's perfectly watchable. It wasn't perfect, at all, but I kinda liked it.

Georgia C (jp) wrote: The animation is very poor (amongst other things the character's eyes often seem to look in opposite directions as if the animators couldn't be bothered to do their work properly and haven't tried to maintain the same art style of the characters). The personalities of the characters have also been diluted which is a shame.

Mary A (es) wrote: Belly busting laughter

Walt K (de) wrote: Mindless but fun to watch.

Dan R (es) wrote: Extremely forgettable.

Lee M (ca) wrote: Won't ever challenge Siegel's or Kaufman's versions, but it's a pretty worthwhile adaptation for fans of Jack Finney's source material.

Luc L (kr) wrote: A unique horror film that is creepy.

Cindy I (ag) wrote: If you see this for the 1st time now, you'd probably think "How derivative is THIS!?!?" And it seems to be...a man and woman get married, they have problems with money and whatnot, she gets preggers, the baby gets sick and there's a rush against the clock to get the meds before said baby cashes in. Only you'd be dead wrong. It's the OTHER million films you've seen this in since this one was released that are derivative. And this one is just about the best of the lot, made during that magical year of 1939 like it was. What movie WASN'T good that was released in 1939? I'll expect the answers to that question typed, double-spaced and turned in on my desk first thing in the morning. ;)