A father is without the means to pay for his daughter's medical treatment. As a last resort, he partners with a greedy co-worker to rob a casino. When things go awry they're forced to hijack a city bus.

When their attempt to rob a gangster's casino goes awry, a desperate man and his partner hijack a city bus to escape from the police and a maniacal thug. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Heist torrent reviews

Roy K (au) wrote: It was great and sad cause the dog keep dying repeatly

Jordan J (br) wrote: This is just a movie that feels like a terrible e3 announcement.

AD O (fr) wrote: gentle sad nuts. good preview for an impending visit to chinese theatre in LA.

Wilker O (us) wrote: Understanding the full truth of 9/11 seems to require two separate awakenings.The first, awakening to the fraudulence of the "official 9/11 story," is a pretty simple brain function and only requires a little study, logic or curiosity. The second step, however, consciously confronting the implications of that knowledge--and what it says about our media, politics and economic system today--is by far the harder awakening and requires an enormous exercise of nerve and heart.

Christopher P (jp) wrote: Is a violent movie? Of course, if only to feel that something was overrated because the tape is a bit far from the greatness of Tarantino.

Sam B (kr) wrote: Great aussie film, with lots of action! Really let's you understand how it was for criminals in 1920's melbourne. Well done!

Hassan A (ca) wrote: Que le futur t'apporte un bonheur intense un sourire immense et le rve auquel tu penses. Que dieu te protge et te grade .fleur lumineuse.HaPpY NeW yEaR

Mannie L (de) wrote: Atmospheric, if not historically accurate, film about a legendary character of Tsarist Russia. Christopher Lee turns in a devilishly creepy performance as Rasputin. Tall, swaggering and imposing, you will believe he's a larger than life shaman. Remaining cast members are good but not great, although Barbara Shelly turns in another Hammer scream-queen turn as the idol of Lee's affection.

Lee C (nl) wrote: Probably the basis for all modern soap-operas, this doorstop of a movie isn't uninteresting, but after 50 years of this stuff, feels tired and rote. Great work from the cast alleviates the boredom somewhat.

Indira S (de) wrote: seriously that is a CREEPY hobby

Erin C (br) wrote: I didn't think this was as bad as others said it was. It was creepy and suspenseful.

William M (ag) wrote: Crazy different mixed up and somewhat satisfying. Not a traditional movie but entertaining all the same. 5 stories in parallel with unexpected results.