Heksen Bestaan Niet

Heksen Bestaan Niet

On her 13th birthday Katie, a talented young girl, receives a magical amulet. This amulet was on a quest to find the fifth and last witch to complete the order of the star witches. Because ...

On her 13th birthday Katie, a talented young girl, receives a magical amulet. This amulet was on a quest to find the fifth and last witch to complete the order of the star witches. Because ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (br) wrote: Interestingly Slanted Story-Line That Almost Preeches To You. I'm A Bigger Fan Of The First Project "Crash", Which Tested American Race/Class Issues More Finely.

Shane J (br) wrote: Fecking dreadful and unfunny vegas movie. totally predictable as everything in this film has been done to death in teen comedys. even chuck liddell being menacing and some fake tits can't save this film. Kal penn seems to be pissing his career away on this kind of shit, he should only do harold and kumar movies with john cho.

Cole D (fr) wrote: Great film with very funny moments. The writing is superb and I laughed all throughout the movie. I highly recommend it!

Larry H (ru) wrote: The nightclub scene was one of the greatest scenes ever!

Matthew C (au) wrote: In spite of a darn fine cast, good screenwriter, and excellent director, this ends up being a pretty dull film. There's too much voiceover narration, mostly uninspired action scenes, and too much run time. The story is interesting, but the movie just doesn't do the trick. An OK watch, but nothing special.

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Erin C (au) wrote: This movie is amazing. Such an amazing director. Great actors and scenery! I also love Nargis' songs!

Jessica T (fr) wrote: such a great, inspiring story!!! so happy I finally got to watch it!!!!

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Pineapple Express is directed by David Gordon Green, and it stars Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Gary Cole in a action comedy about a process server that witnessed a murder, and he and his drug dealer are on the run from the people that murdered someone. This is the first film that I've saw that was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and to this day, I still find it hilarious. Seth Rogen and James Franco are really good and have a lot of funny moments together with their dialog, whether they both say something stupid, or did something that people will question how their mind works. The plot gets more ridiculous when it keeps going, but that was the intent for it, and the movie makes you wonder about where it's going with its insanity. The chemistry between Seth Rogen and Amber Heard is different from what I usually see, it addresses the problem there, and I like their funny interplay. The villains are a lot of fun to watch, and the fight scene with Seth Rogen and James Franco against Danny McBride is honestly one of the funniest fight scenes that I have seen since probably 22 Jump Street as all of them don't know how to fight at all. The writing by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg is really good in its unexpected moments, and the humor of it that I think this is the film where they know that they succeed in writing comedies. The car chase is not only entertaining to watch, but also really funny which is unpredictable in how the main characters get into this situation, and make it worse. If there's only one problem that I can think of, is that there are some moments that I felt were too stupid for me to accept it in terms of some of the characters's motivations. Other then that, Pineapple Express is a really great film that I'll give it a watch again and be entertained by it.

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