Held Hostage

Held Hostage

Michelle a single mother is kidnapped by three masked men and held hostage until she is forced to rob a bank which is the only option she has to saving her only child's life while they are both wired to explode.

Michelle a single mother is kidnapped by three masked men and held hostage until she is forced to rob a bank which is the only option she has to saving her only child's life while they are both wired to explode. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek J (us) wrote: lives up to beast stalker, fire of conscience? not really. cheung's character is boring, action is muted, story is darker.. BUT lam persists despite flaws in this gripping grittier "no way out" tale. only for hc lam fans. a 3.75.

Simon M (ru) wrote: For some reason I didn't feel this was as compelling a film as some of Morris' other works, especially The Fog Of War. It just doesn't hold many surprises for me, maybe the events were too widely known. It's well enough made, but I just didn't connect with it as I was hoping to.

David P (it) wrote: Too bad I can't un-print this cure for insomnia from my memory. Tonantzin Carmelo is kind of hot though.

August M (ru) wrote: This movie absolutely floored me. I was taken aback by Almodovar's absolutely brilliant directing and the odd, difficult subject matter. Right from the first frame until the closing moments, this movie had me hook, line, and sinker. A magnificent film about unrequited love and unreturned love, I could sense the passion in every part of this film. It's also a film just as much about love as it is about friendship.

Brandon H (br) wrote: I don't understand why this film flopped.

Caitlin L (ag) wrote: Pierce is great as Bond.

Elijah B (mx) wrote: Obnoxious would be the word to describe this unfunny mess.

Montgomery S (kr) wrote: One of the most beautifully poetic and tragic films I've ever seen... Fucking sweet film.

Beth C (ca) wrote: This is so goofy i love it.

Mark D (ag) wrote: Gotta say that i found this really enjoyable. Basically its an 'Alien' rip off, only with a very low budget and a giant green one eyed alien that controls people with its mind. Proper schlocky stuff, but highly watchable and pretty gory. For midnight movie fans.

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Superb and minimalist movie. A simple story beautifully directed with some really good performances.

Flavio B (kr) wrote: Can the state try himself?

Stephanie F (fr) wrote: This is not one of their best but Fred and Ginger are good when you actually get to see them! And I really like that Irene Dunne plays a character named Stephanie!

John A (ag) wrote: Funny, but not consistently so, The Freshman suffers during the lulls where the gags are either not working or non-existent. Some of the situations simply take up too much valuable screen time to develop before the gags even kick in. A few scenes work well, including the football finale, and Lloyd is just too likable for the movie to tank. Good, but not great.

Ben L (kr) wrote: I have a real soft spot for good teen romantic comedies. I don't know why but there's still a sense of innocence to these love stories that captivates me. However, in my opinion 10 Things I Hate About You transcends its genre. Perhaps it's the fact that they gave the film a strong foundation by basing it on a Shakespeare play, or perhaps it's just the caliber of actors in the film. I'm not sure what it is, but I find this movie so entertaining. There's a lot of humor that is laugh-out-loud funny, particularly when Larry Miller goes to work. I also love how they make a number of jokes without calling attention to it. There are subtle things that happen in the background which are funnier because they let you discover it for yourself without needing constant terrible punchlines. The plot is elegantly constructed, and makes sense based on the personalities established for each character. The script is brilliant in the way it sets up those personalities without a lot of exposition. Most of the background character work is done through showing instead of telling, something that should be common sense but many modern screenwriters struggle with it. The film has 2 different romances that I find emotional and believable, which is 2 more than you'll find in many other rom-coms. I'm probably alone in taking 10 Things I Hate About You so seriously, but I think it holds up brilliantly, and I find watching it a delight every time.

Ryan W (kr) wrote: Wonderful Halloween B movie with wonderful stories that seem fairly classic. For a movie that seems fairly classic Halloween, I would have preferred it to take place in the 60s or 70s however, as a few of the characters don't jive well with the movie. All in all, I'm happy to ass it to my horror collection!

Adam M (gb) wrote: Saw this because of Eli Roth. There are a couple of original shots and some funny moments, and in the gross-out, sadistic violence and celebration of crudity, it successfully does the horror movie as a Looney Tunes farce, although Joe Dante and George Miller have done that with finesse. The misogyny turns so ridiculous and atonally repetitive -- "YuOU--BITCH! YuOU--BITCH! Yu-OU" get the idea -- the movie can't be a real satire of misogyny. It just makes misogynists men who can't seal the deal because they're either ugly and socially backward or trying to get into the pants of girls who aren't sufficiently deprived of self-esteem and brains. Its flippant vision of the consumer culture in the late twilight of the 70s is unique -- almost equal to Repo Man's early 80s take -- and frankly, I would have liked to see it in another movie.