8 characters skew lifelines that never really intersect in the suburb of Heliopolis in Cairo within a frame of time of 24 hours all in a very stagnant state and never achieving goals.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Arabic,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   police,   marriage,  

8 characters skew lifelines that never really intersect in the suburb of Heliopolis in Cairo within a frame of time of 24 hours all in a very stagnant state and never achieving goals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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George G (ag) wrote: Great from Jeremy and Richard.

Heather M (kr) wrote: Silly, but fun to watch once.

Joseph B (it) wrote: A complete waste of time.

James R (ag) wrote: Another good anti-war movie concerning the constitutional debacle which gave the president the right to wage war. The pacing of the movie mixed in with highlights of the vote and speeches before the vote were a nice touch. The movie gives extreme details about the type of paralysis Tomas Young is enduring and briefly uncovers the lack of appropriate medical care that he did not receive when comparing rehabilitation stories with a wounded Vietnam War veteran. It's not a terribly entertaining film, but there is a lot of raw information which is good to keep in mind less we forget that our governments will continue to lie to us to meet their own ends.

Kathryn S (de) wrote: I didn't mind this movie. It was a little different. I liked the Italian neighbour and thought the little girl was cute. I probably wouldn't watch this movie again, and would probably only recommend if it happened to be on TV as there are much better movies out there.

Allen A (au) wrote: This is the greatest movie ever made.

Glenn B (ca) wrote: Extremely disappointing. The ads made it look like a sure thing, but this docu wanders all over the place in search of a soul. Nice visuals, and it is haunted by ... something or other, but it lacks intensity and focus. Boy oh boy does it lack focus. #1 in my "I am Pissed Off It Wasn't Great" series.

Marjeta M (ca) wrote: So dumb but god damn it I love Matt Stone and Trey Parker, they are the light of my life.

Kristy P (mx) wrote: Good clean family movie! And a great remake of the classic Old Yeller story!!

Bradley K (es) wrote: A visual delight. The look of this film, from colour palette to lighting is stunning. And while I appreciated the restraint from gore and schlock, the film does lack a certain adage that would have made many of the scenes more menacing. The pacing is smooth and it reeks of early 90s chic. Flatliners boasts most of the style later echoed in Batman Forever but is restrained enough to save us from the flamboyantly messy performances.

Mark A (ru) wrote: A bizarre black and white film, in German, with subtitles, that tells the tale of a once famous actress who has fallen on hard times and has come under the sway of an unscrupulous medical practitioner who has a vested interest in her patient's death. These are not very likable people. The film spends the first hour or so setting up the various characters and their relations and for the last half hour details the demise of the titular character, Veronica Voss (Rosel Zech). It was during that last half hour that this viewer seemed to lose the thread. The editing took on an entirely different look and seemed to jump between two different times and events without any adequate explanations about the jarring sequences. Something I read about this series, christened the BDR Trilogy, indicated that they were intended as social commentary. Unfortunately, we have lost sight of the context for that discussion, and are left with images that leave one more bewildered than informed. Fassbinder's use of the black and white medium was one of the bright spots for this viewer. Alternating between scenes of near obscurity and shadow, with scenes of brilliant white on white, the director made one feel the contrasts between the gritty nature of reality, and the false promise offered in the doctor's office and apartment suite. The acting was adequate, if a bit overdone at times. The script and editing left one often confused. But the imagery was superb. For that, alone, this viewer gives it three stars.

Anthony G (gb) wrote: A milestone in exploitation cinema. Russ Meyer's best film, and I think it's his only one without tons of nudity. 3 badass women, fast cars, bad acting, corny dialogue...A true classic.

Brendan S (au) wrote: kind of bad, just bad

Thom L (ru) wrote: A good little monster movie, from a time when it seemed to have all been done. Very good cast and script.

jay n (nl) wrote: Flat return by Poitier to the character he played in In the Heat of the Night. He seems bored and the film is poorly paced.

Guilherme J (us) wrote: Superior animao de 1985 em quase todos os aspectos. Infelizmente, repete o mesmo erro de jamais explicar as leis e particularidades do universo peculiar que busca retratar.