When a low-level cop, Aiden Magnusson, solves an infamous crime, he is promoted to Sector One and used as a "poster boy" of success. But his newly established status and lavish life is jeopardised when the central computer system that governs his city accuses him of murder....Now Aiden must return to the ruins he once called home to solve the mystery and prove his innocence.

A recently promoted cop's lavish new lifestyle is jeopardized when the central computer system that governs his futuristic city accuses him of murder. Now he must return to the ruins he once called home to solve the mystery and prove his innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham B (fr) wrote: A Spanish twist of the tale of Snow White, Silent , filmed in black & white and set in 20s Spain in the world of bullfighting. Smell a hint of hipster pretension? Far from it. It's a glorious piece of film making and a tribute to silent cinema. It is a great twist on the classic fairy tale. The cast is brilliant and it is a gorgeous film to watch. Alfonso de Vilallonga's rich soundtrack is a pleasure on the ears too.

Andrew S (au) wrote: Some brilliant acting here to accompany a brilliant concept, it's just let down by the storytelling and characterisation.

rick r (au) wrote: "The Wicked" is a supernatural horror film that is part urban legend, and part ghost story. The movie was directed by Peter Winther who makes the jump from television to feature film with this wicked little treat. It tells the story of a home hidden away in the woods, that if you throw a rock at it and break a window, a witch will come and kill you. That is the urban legend part. One that is as classic as it is contemporary. A place where cruel acts transpired and a curse that will tear any soul who dares test it. Those legends are very prevalent in today's culture. Which is why I found this film as traditional as I did modern and fresh. True there is not much within the film that hasn't really happened before, or been told in other horror films of the past, but the movie gave a thrilling and entertaining nightmarish tale, that renewed my faith in good, fun horror stories- like the ones I grew up on. "The Wicked' keeps with a very clean and tight story that is brought to life by believable actors who, at times, make you want to see them die on film-well a few of them anyway. I also found the evil supernatural entity of the witch very dark, and horrible, so I didn't really want her to prevail in the end. She was pretty vicious. The directing for the film manages to keep your attention with some pretty creepy concepts, and point of view moments, that allows the movie to be dark without being too dark. There are some clich moments within the movie that takes away from the suspenseful action scenes, the snag that befalls a lot of movies like this. However "The Wicked" did make me jump quite a few times, and even though the CGI was a bit distracting when used, the kill sequences where still very well done and entertaining. Overall I really enjoyed this film and found the witch to be a true classical interpretation of an evil supernatural witch. If you enjoyed movies like "Darkness Falls" (as I did) then this film is perfect. I do have to say that the film is not some modern expressionist's attempt to get real, and gritty with a "raw" horror story, that feels more like grindhouse experimental filming. It is a traditional horror film that keeps with a true, classic concept of ghost story/urban legend. I liked this film more than I liked "Darkness Falls".

Arduna S (de) wrote: it's a movie when heroism meets reality. one of the best korean heroic movie together with "welcome to dongmalgol" and "taegukgi".

Your Friend G (nl) wrote: Great, interesting premise. But I don't know why the stars were told to act like they were in a Broadway play and who decided it was a good idea. C'mon, Woody. The overtly theatrical performances and dialogue really detract from what could've been an incredible film.

Miguel G (nl) wrote: It would be great to able to see other people's Karma

Lau H (ag) wrote: The final showdown is one of the best showdown in animated film history, it is so entertaining.

Paul P (br) wrote: The film deserves praise just for the simple fact that it kept the stove hot for this case and didn't let people forget about the absolute travesty that was continuing to happen in West Memphis. Sadly its an unnecessary follow up due to the lack of material. Alot of stuff is stretched on for quite some time. They could've cut 40-60 minutes out of this. The biggest weakness is it focuses so much on John Mark Byers who is obviously not all together in his head to say the least. So following him is kind of a worthless exercise especially when some revelations about him are revealed at the end.

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only full viewing - In my early twenties)

Sergio A (ca) wrote: My favorite villain "Biollante," love the effects, however it had some cheesy moments but it can be overlook since this film was made back in 1989.

Justina D (es) wrote: You know, this was my top favorite Christmas movie as a kid. Tonight, after I watched it for a gazillionth time (I haven't watched it in a couple years) I thought it would turn out cheesy, like lots of childhood movies do, but it was just the same. Good acting, a great storyline, a firecracker protagonist. It was magical and I enjoyed it just as much if not more as when I was 8 years old.

Greg W (de) wrote: Almodovar's fourth feature (but the first to be released in the US) may be one of his most realistic films, an offbeat, darkly humorous feminist comedy with a great performance by Carmen Maura.

Scott R (es) wrote: Hoffman is very entertaining.

Jude P (es) wrote: it a pity that O'Neal's magnificent performance had not been accolade.

Guy L (ru) wrote: It's a silly horror flick from the 70s.

Kristy P (ca) wrote: Too funny!! C'mon! A guy thinks he's dying and tries to set up his wife with another man that he personally can't stand!!

Brendan R (gb) wrote: I think this is a sad reminder of where we were decades ago, and where, unfortunately, some people still are today.

Art S (gb) wrote: Although less overtly surreal than some of his more well-known films, Diary of a Chambermaid is classic Bunuel, with scathing attacks on the Church, fascism, and the bourgeoisie. Here, he adapts Mirbeau's novel (circa 1900) to address his own memories of pre-WWII Europe (anti-semitism, right wing fervor/fascism) and even includes a few good foot fetish scenes (a trademark) in the mix. The bestiary of animals and insects also seems unlikely to have had a prominent place in the novel.

Julie S (au) wrote: This was better than I expected. Helen Mirren is always good, but this true story was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed the flashbacks to her younger days. Reynolds gave one of his better performances. Katie Holmes was forgettable.