Hell and Back

Hell and Back

Two best friends set out to rescue their pal after he's accidentally dragged to hell.

The movie follows two best friends Remy, Augie as they set out to rescue their pal after he's accidentally dragged to hell. The duo must risk everything to save their friend from a slew of misfit demons, Greek legends, and the Devil himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody M (kr) wrote: Moody Canada character drama focusing on Walter (Peter Stormare), a small town cop with a violent past who has recently converted to Christianity to mend his former ways. Then the discovery of murdered woman brings him back into the orbit of former old lover (Jill Hennessy), whose sleazy redneck boyfriend is the prime suspect in the killing. Swedish actor Stormare sheds his usual tough guy persona to play Walter as a quiet man of few words who feels ostracized in his town, and harbors a violent temper that his new found faith barely keeps in check. Beautiful cinematography and a booming gospel soundtrack add to the mystique of the film, though its slow burn may bore some.

Lauren W (de) wrote: I feel like I have seen this before, or something exactly like it, troubled athlete meets old dude that is wise and helps him through difficult things.. like karate kid but with a gymastics guy and Nick Nolte.

007 W (ca) wrote: Cars is not bad but lacking, it's a fine kids movie it's god good things, great animation, great characters and good acting, the problem is the writing and the script, that's it, 6/10

Chenai L (de) wrote: One of the best movie soundtracks ever.

deondre t (fr) wrote: seen before on tv but wil not show on internet

Mary Kathryn P (it) wrote: A bit boring, cheesy, and a horrible amount of fake acting (with the slight exception of Glenn Close), 102 Dalmatians is nothing more than a silly children's movie. The film owes its minimal success to the fact that the overwhelming amount of cute dogs for they practically ran it.

Kenix K (es) wrote: Andy Lau and Ching Wan Lau, They are perfect match in this movie! =)It reminds me tat wish to watch again..

Dan H (gb) wrote: It was a decent film better then the rating.

Vincent T (au) wrote: Un tres bon Schwarzy qui mitraille a tout va. On ne s'ennuie pas.

Angela G (nl) wrote: The first movie I cried in.

Alex K (nl) wrote: Good film, really moving at the end of the film. The only problem with the film is the trailer made it out to be a comedy movie and it is a really moving drama. This movie is good but it does have its ups and downs but the best part about this film is that it shows just how good Ryan Reynolds acting is.

Kristin K (au) wrote: It is so special to see a great idea film that succeeds without high budget effects. Just a thought for those who have seen it: Theo's own storyline is also determined by his equation. Is this a cyclical fallacy?

Brian R (jp) wrote: This is my first Roger Corman picture I have seen. The Tomb Of Ligeia left me with the feeling of eerie dread. Corman makes useful touches of gothic hell and brimstone. Vincent Price plays as Verdon a lonely man who's wife named Ligeia died and he seems to have an obsession or haunted by her death. There is annoyance of a dark cat who keeps lurking around the mansion of abbey and taunting Verdon and his new wife Rowena Trevanion played by Elizabeth Sheperd. TTOL is often slow and at times was difficult for me to follow. I pretty much knew that this was Corman's intent since he was saving the best for last, and is it ever striking. Corman makes very good use of location, color, sets, camera tracking shots, swish pans, and cast. Corman's picture lacks in character development but he makes it up in the visual department which in my opinion is somewhat key.

Noname (fr) wrote: Stallone plays great in this one and many other great actors makes this movie to the top.

Dan H (br) wrote: There are certainly parts of this that I like: The drama between the cast is strong, and the implications of their poor decision making skills is truly terrifying. This film is incredibly intense, and very very gory. If you do not like your horror hard then this is definitely not for you. It's definitely a hard watch, even for horror hounds like myself. I appreciate it goes all the way with how intense it could be, but ultimately it makes for a hard re-watch for me. The sentient plants are also a little bit silly (they seem almost too intelligent ). Jonathan Tucker is definitely the best part of this film, and Jena Malone was very pretty and did a good job too. I will recommend it, but only if you're ready for some really graphic and brutal stuff.