Hell and High Water

Hell and High Water

A privately-financed scientist and his colleagues hire an ex-Navy officer to conduct an Alaskan submarine expedition in order to prevent a Red Chinese anti-American plot that may lead to World War III. Mixes deviously plotted schoolboy fiction with submarine spectacle and cold war heroics.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:English,French,Italian,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   paris france,   battle,  

A privately-financed scientist and his colleagues hire an ex-Navy officer to conduct an Alaskan submarine expedition in order to prevent a Red Chinese anti-American plot that may lead to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carmen H (nl) wrote: I thought something much more exciting was going to happen after seeing the trailer, but the "incident" was very thought-provoking if brief. There are only three short occurences in the movie that grab your attention but besides the great cinematography I found myself waiting and waiting for something extremely dramatic to happen (it didn't) to compensate for the lengthy shots of them walking, walking, removing a stone from a shoe, walking, filling up water, walking, walking, practicing spanish, walking. All in all, pretty boring but nice to look at and a good "what would you do?" talking point.

Geoffrey G (de) wrote: Uninspiring and forgettable

Tim G (mx) wrote: In my opinion this was a rip-off of the Matrix movies which fell extremely short. The only difference was, in this film an implant is inserted into the brain. Plot: After a tragic accident claims the lives of Luke Gibson's (Gooding Jr.) wife and unborn child, he is left with critical injuries and complete amnesia.

Wiebke K (us) wrote: Offbeat high school flick with some amusing characters and some good lines.

Lord S (mx) wrote: not that "impressive"

Paul J (kr) wrote: The "home invasion" horror film stripped down to its bare essentials. What's start out very intriguing with the sadness of a couple, quickly turns to anticipation and dread with the introduction of these "strangers". I like the time the film takes to get going and I love the silences between the two lovers. It explores the feeling of rejection quite truthfully. I suppose there is a bit of a cautionary tale thing going on here: don't take your home and relationships for granted. Liv Tyler does an excellent job and best of all the characters aren't stupid. That said, the problem is after an hour of build-up, there isn't that much of a pay-off. Like Blair Witch Project, the film might work well on first viewing but since the entire story hinges upon anticipation, there really isn't that much mileage out of the film. I like the ambiguous ending but I felt a little cheated. I wish the film dared to go a bit more epic. The last twenty minutes felt too repetitive. Suspenseful, yes. Memorable, no.

JH K (ru) wrote: Pelcula para infantes... no tengo nada en contra del cine infantil, pero no te hace falta destrozar la obra de Tezuka para hacerlo. Esto no es Astro Boy, es una ofensa.

Iyan S (ag) wrote: Spanglish is a slow-paced unfunny boring but entertaining movie. Had potential but was wasted by a bad script, pacing and a disappointing climax. Is watchable because it is entertaining and delivers some solid performances.

Mack C (de) wrote: Worst then the first 00/10

Pathmanathan D (ca) wrote: Can watch once as it keeps the interest. 2.5/5Rating - 2.5/5

Johnny F (it) wrote: A stupid rip-off of ET, and is just an advertisement for Coco-Cola and Skittles at McDonalds.

Addison P (ag) wrote: Was a really stupid movie...

Sandy K (de) wrote: After turning 21, Tim is told by his father (Bill Nighy) that the men in their family can travel in time, and Tim uses this new power to find love. There is lots of humor in Tim's trial-and-error outings with time travel, filled with cheerful banter; but ultimately Tim learns that finding joy and satisfaction in the here-and-now of everyday occurrences of life are the keys to happiness. The father-son love story is as powerful as the love story between Tim and Mary (Rachel McAdams).

Fajar P (nl) wrote: Great Movie, shows much about Java Culture, worth to watch!

Ben C (kr) wrote: Almost Inconsequent and unethical, In Their Skin is a new low for home invasion films.