Hell Divers

Hell Divers

Story of rivalry between 2 Navy aircrewmen on and off duty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hell Divers torrent reviews

Philippe P (fr) wrote: Revoir Four Friends/Georgia la place...

Rishi G (au) wrote: This was so disappointing. The sequel at least has some coherent backstory. This movie is just a bunch of random leaps with little reason for why anything happens (with the exception the queen's motivation).

Michael H (br) wrote: Here we have a complete ripoff of Paranormal Activity...for whatever reason. Everything was put in the same perspective...the same carbon copy story, with the exception of a different type of entity. The acting was horrible, the cast lacked so much luster. The story was very unbelievable. It just had nothing going for it at all. Skip this one, and just stick with the "ACTIVITY" movie.

Kenneth Y (ca) wrote: Freed in the process; but you have to bear all consequences! =] Btw, the year of production is wrong in FB, it's not 2011, it's 1974!

Lauri L (kr) wrote: Ideas are there but the execution is a bit ankward and the characters and the story don't flow naturally. It's about accepting yourself even you're outside the norm. It seems here what director wanted to do and say dictates and it feels ankward. I'd recommend somebody to see this only for curiositys sake.

Stacy M (kr) wrote: This was a bizarre movie that I am not sure how I feel about. That being said, there was something about it in addition to Broderick, Snow, and Facinellie that kept me completely entertained.

Greg V (fr) wrote: It wasn't half bad... but I was expecting more from Russel Peters. It didn't deliver. Needs more comedy and less drama.

Blake S (jp) wrote: It focuses on a fascinating subject but uses so many cliche PBS documentary techniques that it distracted from the point. It was also comical the way they set up the different view points such as the mispronunciation of his name, they did something similar several times and each time it was just ridiculous. The animated segments were also funny because of the voices that don't sound like people in a regular voice but a character voice, mixed with the strange dialog. The book reminds me of In Search of Lost Time. Its a book that lots of people know about and few have read. (I admit I have read neither so far) They are both absurdly long, they both are books about the authors mind and memory changing the events of the past. Both authors were obsessive recluses and they both explored a view of sexuality that was ignored at the time. Darger's view which was that of the mentally handicapped is a view that still isn't explored much.

Chelsea K (fr) wrote: Alessandro Nivola is fantastic in this, but the actual movie is alittle slow.

Juliano K (gb) wrote: Awesome, far away from clichets!1

Jamie T (ru) wrote: I'm pretty sure I saw a chunk of this on TV once, and it was ludicrous as hell. Yes, I'd like to see it.

Stephanie S (ag) wrote: THIS IS THE ONLY MOVIE THAT'S EVER MADE ME BAWL FROM START TO FINISH. the scene where the dog is running after the car... tears already started rolling down my cheeks. this movie is a lot better than people give it credit for, and it may seem cheesey, but there's so much to it!

cable g (es) wrote: This is a must watch movie ~Even if you aren't into westerns ...This is a classic story nicely told...:-) *******

Ross L (de) wrote: I think this was the first film I saw at my schools film club. I've only seen it that once, and can still remember the theme tune. AWESOME!!!!

Liam D (ag) wrote: This would have benefited from some judicious editing to make it around 3hrs instead of 4 1/2, but even at that length it was enjoyable. I particularly liked the intricacy of the plotline and the use of disguises as the evil Mabuse and Prosecutor von Wenk tried to outwit each other.

Matthew D (jp) wrote: Re-treads the same paths as Mask of the Phantasm, although it has learnt from its predecessor's mistakes in the detective element of the story, the atmosphere and tension are missing this time.

Sheppard S (ag) wrote: Remember seeing this shortly after it came out. Lots of fond memories. The wrestling scenes while it rained were great. Different kind of movie.