Hell Fire

Hell Fire

Meet the Antichrist. He's been kidnapped by a group of women who've mistaken him for someone else, and now they're about to find out exactly who they're messing with. One by one the women become possessed by demonic forces and turn on each other. As the bodies begin to pile up, the girls fight for their lives and to save mankind against the Prince of Evil. Hell Fire is a blood soaked, action packed tale of revenge, murder, satanic evil and demonic possession.

All Hell breaks loose when four women kidnap a mysterious stranger who turns out to be the Antichrist. One by one the women become possessed by demonic forces and turn on each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hell Fire torrent reviews

Roma T (nl) wrote: Slow, predictable, and even though it portray's Kroc's deviousness and lack of caring it still manages to paint an overly charismatic portrayal.

Kamal H (es) wrote: A warm cuddly feeling inside.

Chris M (br) wrote: A plot that has been done to death, some southern stereotypes and vaguely interesting subplots edited into oblivion help make this a lethargic disaster.

Gustavo S (kr) wrote: Good Brazilian movie from the director Walter Salles.

Madeline M (jp) wrote: This movie has high ideals, but doesn't fulfill them. But, in its defense, 1994 was a simpler time to make movies.

Mike N (es) wrote: a fun little thriller with a pretty slick person seeking revenge.

Yng Y (mx) wrote: Such beautifully stark cinematography for a visual dramatization of repressed desire and troubled faith, i am absolutely enchanted by the visuals and echoes of Bergman and Tarkovsky with a lighter touch.