Hell, Heaven or Hoboken

Hell, Heaven or Hoboken

During WW2, a British actor impersonates Field Marshal Montgomery in order to confuse German intelligence.

The incredible but true story of how an impersonator was recruited to impersonate General Montgomery to mislead the Germans about his intentions before the Normandy campaign. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel F (br) wrote: This movie was great. Acting was superb and the special effects were amazing. I honestly don't think I've seen a better movie in my life. The mix of drama, action, romance, and science fiction blended with history is something to behold. Nazis at the center of the Earth is definitely an instant classic.

Seth H (kr) wrote: Understated and interesting

James S (de) wrote: Enjoyable and well acted but a little predictable at times

Adam E (ru) wrote: A film written, directed and starring a mma fighter could have been a complete c*ck up from the start but happily it just turns out to be an average mess! Its the usual story of fighter ending up in illegal tournments and wanting to change his ways but this has an element of romance between the fighter and his prize consort. Diego (director echavarria) is ok and here is where most of the problems arise. Hes just ok, hes not bad enough to make this a cheesey masterpiece but hes also not good enough to completely grip the audinces attention. What he can do is fight and the fight scenes are loads of fun. All the guys in this im guessing are mma fighters and thou some of them look very uncomfortable in front of the camera (there delievery of dialogue is much like there work on there oppenants...they murder it) they can fight. Its a shame that rampage jackson (yes the new mr t) could not have a bigger role as he shines for the few minutes hes on screen. The plot has no originality to it at all but thats not to say that its a bad thing it gets the fights and boobs in thick and fast but still feels like a drag in certain places to (even thou its a short film). It also steals bits from other movies (rocky is a big one). Maybe worth a look at in two sections (when you start to yawn put rocky on for a bit and come back to this) but still not that bad a film by any means and worth a watch if you got the time. Dont giggle to much at some of the wooden acting thou they are trying there best and besides they can snap you like a twig :s

Nandan T (au) wrote: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition Review:Second installment in the Hobbit trilogy continues from the first. New characters and learning things about old characters. Nice cliffhanger to look forward to the final film.

Suanne E (it) wrote: Jeremy Renner as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and Gabrielle Union as a young African American woman who believes Adolf Hitler reincarnated in her. What an interesting premise, and well executed too. It's available on Youtube!

Madeline M (it) wrote: IDK, it wasn't like this movie was bad - it just wasn't very good (also not nearly as sexy as it's billed). The performances were good, although I don't think the characters were particularly well drawn.

Rick R (kr) wrote: Campy and fun and so gay. Always a hoot...rent it and enjoy!

Brandon M (nl) wrote: Doesn't really do anything. RDJ is good but the characters are [spoiler alert] complete hypocrites and it turns into a woody-allen-wannabe.

Randy P (ag) wrote: This ranks one of the worst things to ever happen to mankind. Its right behind cancer.

Sahbi J (mx) wrote: I'm going to watch it ... It seems a good movie

Jacob G (es) wrote: Not only does it have some hilarious bits, it has some home-hitting drama. Fast Times goes into unexpected and respectable territory when dealing with serious coming of age issues.

Joe L (kr) wrote: i loved it, but I cannot make myself watch it again.

Jeff W (de) wrote: A few great lines, such as "I'll kill that honky bastard!" can't save this from being pretty silly overall. Lots of over the top action and hilarious jump cuts. Fred Williamson is pretty great, but "Black Caesar" ends up being alot better.

Michael S (it) wrote: Vincent Price was so mean in this movie I couldn't help but laugh. This movie is silly but not overly dumb and the "horror" element is still very much present. This was refreshing and has a very solid cast.

David W (br) wrote: Walking in sunshine O Yeah!

Michael S (au) wrote: Scares me to this day...