Hell Ride

Hell Ride

Hell Ride is a 2008 feature film from Larry Bishop being released under the “Quentin Tarantino Presents” banner. The film promises to be a blood and sex-soaked tale of motorcycle revenge and retribution.

Biker Pistolero is the leader of the Vitors, a Southern California motorcycle gang. His girlfriend Cherokee Kisum is murdered by the Deuce, leader of the gang Six-Six-Six as a message to the Victors. Years later, one more time the Victors has to fight against their old rival Six-Six-Six to protect their region and revenge for Cherokee. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne K (ru) wrote: It's really hard to get fully psyched for a sports biopic, considering the sheer number of them currently in existence, but Bleed For This managed to impress me, if not surprise me. Miles Teller is wholly convincing in the lead role, bulking himself up physically to resemble Vinny Paz and also trying to take us deep into his mind. He's not an especially complex character, but the idea is he's supposed to be an everyman; a guy who only knows the sport which he built his life upon, and how losing that means losing everything he has to aspire to. It has a lagging passage in the middle, as is typical of movies of this type, but the filmmakers largely avoid cheap sentimentalism, only trying to show our lead at his lowest point and not bleeding it dry, no pun intended. It's less depressing than Southpaw and far less rambling than Rocky, and I can easily see myself watching it again in the near future. A predictable, albeit satisfying, flick.

Luc L (ca) wrote: This is the kind of film when after viewing makes me feel cheap the next morning.

Curt L (jp) wrote: Saw this with Gen, it was alright.

Gareth M (ru) wrote: this film look pretty good, i enjoyed Kidulthood so i think i will like this

Mike M (nl) wrote: As a portrait of someone who laboured away without ever quite finding the recognition they deserved in their lifetime - a woman so independent of everybody else she even resisted the feminist movement's attempts to carry her aloft on her shoulders - the film is strongest evoking the artist's isolation, the feeling that, as painter Chuck Close puts it, "you're broadcasting, but no-one's picking up the signal". Could it be that the despair visible in Neel's subjects' eyes was a reflection upon the artist herself? I'm less certain how much credence to give to her offspring's handwringing, and how much it's just a useful hook upon which to sell a documentary these days; compared to, say, the kids in "Capturing the Friedmans" or Jonathan Caouette in "Tarnation", the Neels seem to have done OK for themselves, having developed in absentia parentis a streak of self-preservation that's served them well in their professional lives. There's a revealing contrast between Alice, who refused to seek a divorce on the grounds it was "bourgeois", and her sons, who - while burdened with a certain weight of neurotic baggage - went on to become doctors, lawyers and good company men. Inadvertently, the film raises the question of how one might rebel against a parent so far outside the norms of mainstream society, then answers it with aplomb: they put on a suit, make a fair bit of money for themselves, and spend the occasional off night wondering why mommy never painted them a rose garden.

James T (br) wrote: An enjoyable low budget teen horror comedy. The plot is a simply one which we've seen before of strange "animal attacks" occurring and two teenagers trying to prove that someone is a werewolf. It's the plot of both Wes Craven's Cursed (2005) and the Stephen King short story adaptation Silver Bullet (1985). The main chracters are Derek, a rather timid social loser of a person and Sam, his tomboy rocker best friend (who nicely sports some very fake looking tattoos).The werewolf in this particular film happens to be the Derek's stepfather. A large and violent man. The film also takes to the lonely cabin in the woods concept several times in some very amusing scenes of violence. The werewolf is indeed both big and bad in this film. Sadistic and hot blooded he rips people apart, even rapes girls and enjoying each moment of it. The wolf makeup and outfit may not be the best but are still better than what I've seen in some of the Howling sequels.Defiantly give Big Bad Wolf a chance, it may not be the best more most original film out there but it's still a lot of fun.

Stephen L (ag) wrote: Basically a reworking of 48 Hours, but enjoyable.

Aaron B (mx) wrote: This movie was actually released in 1988 as Frat Fright.

Scott P (jp) wrote: If The Usual Suspects were a kung fu movie, perhaps?

Byron B (fr) wrote: The funny and tragic performances, the camera work, the story, the dream sequences; all great reasons to see this film. Another foreign picture that doesn't really have anyone involved who became very famous outside of Czechoslovakia. No famous autuers, and yet I thought it was brilliant. It leaves a mark!Jozef Kroner as Tony Brtko holds the movie together. He's drunk much of the time and finds a boisterous voice in this condition. When he's sober, he's a pushover, too scared, too kind to do what is expected of him as an Aryan. He hates his brother-in-law who lives a wealthy life as a Nazi officer. He is annoyed by his nagging wife. The Nazis are just beginning their plan to clear all the Jews out of this small Czech town. Tony's brother-in-law gives him the advice that a Jew-lover is the only thing worse than a Jew, and tells him to stay away from one known acquaintance named Mr. Kuchar who is a friend to Jews. Tony needs Mr. Kuchar's help too much to give up his friendship though. Tony gets assigned to take over a shop, which carries sewing supplies, from an elderly Jewish woman. Ida Kaminska plays the widow Mrs. Lautmann. She is set in her ways and hard of hearing, but serves her few customers well. She continually claims not to understand that Tony as an Aryan is supposed to take her shop away from her because she is a Jew. While this is sometimes genuine, she's such a cheerful old lady that I got the definite impression that she was playing dumb, that she was just playing with Tony at times. The "I don't understand, I don't understand." is more existential, more metaphysical. The Nazis have a wooden pyramid monument built in the square that many of the Czechs call the Tower of Babel. It also reminded me a bit of the obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey. This pyramid doesn't look very dangerous, but it conveys a sense of impending doom. Pictures of the young Mr. and Mrs. Lautmann from a happier time begin to haunt Tony. The dream sequences are bright, washed out, pure images of a symbolic main street where Tony becomes Mr. Lautmann and all the current political problems are gone. The Shop on Main Street realistically portrays daily life in this place and time and slowly builds some powerful suspense in the final scenes.

Yankees Y (fr) wrote: Hit list of stars panoramic scenes. Action. Drama. World seemed simpler then but rough in a manly way rather than cowardly thugs now.

Tabitha K (de) wrote: I thought it was pretty dumb.

Tatjana T (gb) wrote: very cute... good ending =]

Filip D (gb) wrote: The story is quite an adventure, and the characters are terrific. Curiously song-driven, the highlight for me was the Soggy Bottoms' bearded perfomrance.

Marcus W (it) wrote: Light, frothy fun, anchored by two strong central performances.