Hell to Eternity

Hell to Eternity

Based on the story about Guy Gabaldon, a Los Angeles Hispanic boy raised in the 1930s by a Japanese-American foster family. After Pearl Harbor, his foster family is interned at the Manzanar camp for Japanese Americans, while he enlists in the Marines, where his ability to speak Japanese becomes a vital asset. During the Battle of Saipan, he convinces 800 Japanese to surrender after their general commits suicide.

When his adoptive Japanese-American family is sent to Manzanar after Pearl Harbor, a young Chicano enlists in the marines to become a hero in the Battle of Saipan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hell to Eternity torrent reviews

Gary M (it) wrote: pretty good action movie. Not a bad storyline either.

Toby E (ca) wrote: I liked the character of 'Migs' but the rest just didn't gel enough to make this interesting.

Roy N (ca) wrote: The Second Harry Palmer movie is only slightly less good than the first, this time Bond-director Guy Hamilton takes over behind the camera and turns out a bit more of a normal movie and less art-house, Michael Caine is always entertaining as the spy who's pretty much blackmailed into being a spy, he did this job for a loan for a car he wanted.

Orlando O (ca) wrote: In this movie we can finally see results in the professional efforts of Fellini, he becomes recognized and jumps into the genre, the story is very well portrayed by the characters and the situations are somewhat funny, he becomes personally involved with the story and the characters, after all, he uses his personal life experiences to make this movie happen, one of the greatest adds to the genre that most people hardly know.

Joseph B (es) wrote: This tale of a despot's rise and fall is well-acted and well-written, but it feels rushed. The film would have benefited from a longer run time.

Jeff L (fr) wrote: A slow to pick up romantic comedy that does not seem to hit stride....funny but awkward.

Samantha B (ca) wrote: LOVE this movie!!!!!