Hella Crazy

Hella Crazy

The We Play Crazy crew is back again traveling the world to capture the sickest, most twisted freaks on the planet! Extreme sports and incredibly sexy We Play Crazy babes will also keep your a** pinned to the seat in this adrenaline driven film! So sit down, relax, crack open a cold one, and become mesmerized as you witness nuthead after nuthead putting their lives on the line for your entertainment!

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prank,   acrobat,   stunt,  

The We Play Crazy gang puts a new meaning to the word "crazy" with insane dare-devil like stunts that will blow your mind... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek T (ru) wrote: The best war movie i have ever since and it is 95% in Japanese. Telling the war from Japanese point of view(whose try to kill my grandpa during the war)

Charlene D (mx) wrote: Loved this movie, one of my favorites!

Harun K (au) wrote: amazing movie for the ones who put music to a special place in their lives. otherwise just skip it. it won't ring a bell.

Jacob G (it) wrote: This reeks of Tarantino, with multiple scenes which reminding me of Pulp Fiction. But it's a highly entertaining clone, so it's all good.

Christopher B (de) wrote: Very clever and very funny.

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Deven W (gb) wrote: James Baskett is fucking fantastic as Uncle Remus, Oscar well-deserved. The animation with Brer Rabbit, Fox, and Bear is great. BUT the white people are so damn boring! It is kind of an ok movie I love it though

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Another V (au) wrote: Equilibrium is about a distopian society. Feeling is not allowed. To achieve that objective, everybody has to take a drug called Prozium. It's supposed to lead to a society of peace. Instead, it's a society of suppression and murder, where people are executed for the smallest things, such as possessing art, music, having emotion, refusing to take medication. Instead, the ideal is to be a loyal mindless killing machine, destroying those who are different, who feel.John Preston, played by Christian Bale, believes in this system, is a high-ranking part of this system, hunts down those who are feeling and hiding their contraband art and music. He loses his work partner and his own wife to this system and finally has a day when he does not take his Prozium. John finally sees the light and feels normal human emotions.Authoritarian systems can take many forms and use many methods: forced medication, execution of people for any infringement, hunting people down, control of every little aspect of people's lives, oversurveillance and loss of all privacy, overincarceration, government control of all freely flowing information to ensure it is the government approved version. Are such sacrifices worthwhile for the illusion of security, law, order, and justice which are not equitable, reasonable, or fair?Times are changing. Ours may not look exactly like the world in Equilibrium, but we do and will continue to face many of the same challenges. "Big Brother" should be a tool for good, not a tool for evil. Lifestyle choice is relevant. Cultural choice is relevant. Humanitarian and humane penalties and rules are relevant. To give up all these relevant things that make life what it is.....Is that worth the illusion of security? 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In a small study, a specific type of brain cancer went into drastic remission in most study participants, fully curing some and on the way to curing others. I went to find it again a month later, and all traces of it were gone from the search engine. It didn't exist. How sad!People can feel safe knowing the government is keeping the peace in our land of the free. Big Brother knows best, even if Big Brother is owned and operated by all the biggest corporations, and the biggest shareholders of those corporations, in the US, through their long history of election campaign funding. Surely, they have all our best interests in mind.I'm not saying that the US has reached the state of Equilibrium, or things in the movie Equilibrium. I'm not saying it's any one person or company or politician's fault. But there are things that need to be changed if we don't want our children and grandchildren to exist in an unreasonably authoritarian state under unreasonable rules and conditions. Some of it is here already, and some of it is right around the corner if we don't nip it now. And no, I don't believe in pure anarchy. That's another form of hell as well, as in The Purge. No thank you.

Catherine D (jp) wrote: I see it as a representation of the internal fight a person suffering from a mental illness goes through.