Hellfighters of the East

Hellfighters of the East

This prime example of director/co-writer Chang Cheh's mastery takes place right after the Korean War, as a kung-fu master, combat instructor, explosives expert, and missle specialist ...

This prime example of director/co-writer Chang Cheh's mastery takes place in Seoul right after the Korean War, as a kung-fu master, combat instructor, explosives expert, and missile specialist must take on a venal drug smuggling gang. Representing the Book of Revelation's four riders of war, famine, disease, and death as heroes against murder, corruption, jealousy, and greed, it's a brutal battle where the one true winner is the audience. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hellfighters of the East torrent reviews

matt w (ag) wrote: Will kick mega arse.

Surajit Kumar M (de) wrote: The Dogs which were casted in the movie should get an Oscar each. What emotion they have shown!! This is one of the best of Paul Walker. A movie that would keep you entertain and warm your hearts throughout. A must watch!

Mark A (au) wrote: Stylistically exuberant, bitingly funny, and overall exquisitely well-acted and directed, Sexy Beast is a unique arthouse crime drama- its intentionally small scope and attention to character and dialogue rather than plot are comparable to that of Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs

Artur C (mx) wrote: The director of Anaconda 2 directing Wesley Snipes. Could've been way worse.

Daniel F (gb) wrote: funniest movie seen. even after you see it so many times.

Ryanaldo B (gb) wrote: OK... so the only reason this movie even gets two stars is because I literally laughed at their Facts of Life reference! HAHA! Otherwise, this movie took everything that was fun and campy about the first one and just ignored it completely. This movie was bad and lame. It wasn't scary and they didn't even try to bring any suspense into it with the killer (whom we know how it is right from the beginning). The acting, as in most direct to video horror movies was bad and not even fun bad. It was just bad. I also could have used better deaths. Oooh well. Time for part 3!

Kenneth B (us) wrote: I found this to be one of the less engaging of the Corman-Price Poe adaptations. It is sluggish and lacks any really memorable moments. Having said that the atmosphere is typically dense and Price is (equally) typically entertaining in the lead role.

Kathi K (ag) wrote: very cute movie own it watched it love it.

Mau R (de) wrote: One of the most inspirational movies one can see, Ikiru touches the heart and calls for a soul conversion. A must for all people, because we need to enjoy our lives by learning to love and serve others. This type of movies will help make it enjoyable as well.

vincent g (ca) wrote: The problem of rio grande is that is a little sentimental than the other films of the cavalry trilogy, john wayne's character is not so tough but the performance is credible and touching at times...Maureen o'hara is the best in the film.

Thomas P (au) wrote: Powerfully impactful, perfectly toned and ringing true without a false step. Handled with a light but knowing touch, this is a movie to be enjoyed and kindly respected for its Grace and truth.A timeless story of a family needing to care for each elderly parent by taking them separately into two different homes shines a glaring light into the problem of families living apart, and it's overall effect on each family member, especially the frail parents at the center.Filmed at a time when this difficult decision was wrought under heavy economical strain, the melancholy and the joy within the family is tested.Each relationship is given a clear voice, and the elder couple are shown having a night out together which juxtaposes against the decision to separate them the following day.Brilliantly paced with fully dimensional characters, I also enjoyed the dvd commentary which gave immense insight into the writing nuances and the actor's character development.This fully realized story gives both a nod to the power of relationships as well as to the difficult decisions that inevitably come with taking care of those you love.Heartwarming and heartbreaking, this is a small film with a far reaching impact that will satisfy as much as clarify.Enjoy this magnificent cinematic treat.5 out of 5

Iain B (fr) wrote: awful awful awful. Kevin smith should stick to comedy