A motorcycle gang kidnaps a young woman, Josie, from a diner and brutally kills her. Many years later, the girl's father finds a magic crystal that can bring the life back to dead objects. He uses it to re-animate his daughter. He lets her seduce any young man that comes to visit the small town and then kills them. Four young students, two boys and two girls spend a vacation near the town, Hellgate. They hear about the story and get involved.

A motorcycle gang kidnaps a young woman, Josie, from a diner and brutally kills her. Many years later, the girl's father finds a magic crystal that can bring the life back to dead objects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hellgate torrent reviews

Rahima D (ca) wrote: Ok movie... some stories were quite funny but some were useless...

Alex P (it) wrote: funny hilarious movie with a good story (nd message)...thoroughly enjoyable...gave it a miss in theaters as I thought it will give a TV serial feel with not so good acting and direction... but the kids' performance (esp. the chemistry btw them) and the other casts were superb....a good laugh riot!!:)

Jesus Z (br) wrote: Must be the 5th time I watch this.

Alison S (kr) wrote: Finally got around to watching this fantastic follow up to Kidulthood....well executed!

Chad D (it) wrote: I also saw the stage version on Broadway (not my decision). I am disappointed I was not recognized and called out by the cast for my general awesomeness.

Lock C (fr) wrote: beautiful and fascinating, as well as a good narration by Liem Neeson

Dylan M (ag) wrote: Sean Astin plays a great role in Rudy. Well acted, without a strong cast Rudy still succeeds. The story is believable and amusing. Rudy is a great sports flick that is inspires many.

Paul B (br) wrote: Clint Eastwood plays a thinly-disguised John Huston in Peter Viertel's story of how THE AFRICAN QUEEN was nearly derailed by its director's obsession with killing an elephant. As with any roman-a-clef, it's fun trying to figure out who is who (although Marisa Berenson and Richard Vanstone are pretty easy to peg as Hepburn and Bogart), but the guessing game doesn't get in the way of the drama. Will "John Wilson" finally kill his elephant? Will "The African Trader" actually ever get made? The answers aren't as predictable as you might think. Excellent cast, with Jeff Fahey as a standout as the screenwriter's (and original novelist's) avatar. Gorgeous African location photography, with some spectacular wildlife footage. Eastwood's direction is as assured and classicist as always -- this is good ol' fashion professional Hollywood showbiz entertainment at its richest; I'd bet John Huston himself would have approved.

SV G (nl) wrote: This film is a treat on many levels. It's intimately directed by Paul Newman with his real life wife Joanne Woodward in the lead of Rachel. This was quite avant-garde for the 1960s and on the cutting edge. Woodward plays a 35 year old woman who still lives with her controlling mother on the second floor of the funeral home her now deceased father once owned. She is an elementary school teacher who longs for something more in her dull and unfulfilled life. Her only real friend (another teacher) is a fractured friendship in and of itself (without giving too much away) and we are along with her in her uncomfortableness with new relationships of any type; but we are rooting for her and there is enough of Rachel in all of us to be sympathetic toward her feelings. Newman directs this beautifully and his camera work is up and close just as the story itself is. Woodward's performance is perfection. I would highly recommend, and I do feel it holds up even today.

Ali T (de) wrote: even though the movie is based on a real event the love store itself came across very unrealistic a peasant man who goes for a bougie woman who is married to a prestigious man fall in love. so they really basing this off of love at first sight I don't buy into that movies kind of boring as well the ending was a beautiful scenery and the most action in the whole movie this is a love story which is not my genre of movies but if it's yours you may have a good time

Dave H (ca) wrote: Interesting historical document. I guess what it is mostly, is wartime propaganda. But somewhere inside that are themes of religious-led pacifism vs violence, religious/community salvation vs Independent hell-raising. Of course, religious/community salivation trumps independent hell-raising, and violence (in the name of saving your country) trumps religious-led pacifism. And the film's ultimate message seems to be "be a good shot, kill lots of Germans, and America will buy you a huge house in the countryside." Well, I guess it worked for Alvin York. To a point.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: good cast and a good story

Matt G (jp) wrote: Another classic Sandler film, less with his romantic charm side and more with his never give up side as he finds a talent for golf and enters a golf tournament to save his grandmother's house, full of abusivie and competitive comedy, this is one funny flick to be adored by any Sandler fan, smooth and charmingly funny, a classic feel good film.

Filippo V (us) wrote: Un'idea di base molto convincente rovinata da un pessimo design degli infetti, che ho trovato poco curati e dal carattere approssimativo. Nonostante questo, Will Smith eccezionale come sempre e incarna alla perfezione l'anima che sta alla base del film.

Patrick S (it) wrote: The special effects might be forgiven if this were a 60s B-movie. As is, it looks too cheaply done.