When motocross and heavy metal obsessed, 13-year-old Jacob's delinquent behavior forces CPS to place his little brother Wes with his aunt, Jacob and his emotionally absent father must finally take responsibility for their actions and each other in order to bring Wes home.

Jacob is a thirteen-year-old boy but his unlawful act is very serious. Association of protecting children has to send his younger brother - Wes - to his aunt. Jacob and his emotionless father have to take responsibility for their actions if they want to bring Wes back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hellion torrent reviews

Marguerite L (kr) wrote: The movie was ridiculously absurd and weird, in a bad way unfortunately. I think the one of the few positive thing in this movie are the images. Elija's acting was great!

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Disappointed with this. The trailers made it look really good. Barely watchable.

Fred T (au) wrote: Visually Traumatic, but with a glorious cast no less. As Horrifying, as it is Mesmerising. Watch it if you dare

William S (br) wrote: Ridiculous, funny and complete bullshit. Dragged way too much, yet it's a Thai spaghetti western, so see the shit at least once. The photography of the film was top notch.

Chris W (us) wrote: This is inextricably linked to the blaxploitation era that it came out during, and it does fit into that area, but I feel like calling this a a blaxploitation film devalues it, or gives people the wrong ideas about it.This actually owes a lot more to the gangster pictures of the 1930s and 1940s which makes a lot of sense since this is apparently a black remake of Little Caesar. Even if it wasn't a remake, the influence is still quite valid thanks to the story structure and content. This isn't the typical cheesy black action movie like its contemporaries, but it is still a blak crime film, so that's why it is still slightly appropriate to lump it in as blaxploitation. It's on the higher end of that scale, but it's not a heavy intellectual piece either.But it is lots of fun, very entertaining, and quite well made. The camera work is good, the chase through midtown is fun and nicely executed, and it's just a hard film to dislike. Fred Williamson gives a strong lead performance in a variation of the rags to riches story. The story beats are familiar, but not completely conventional (a few flourishes prevent this). The rest of the cast is good too, but none of them are quite as good as Fred. James Brown's score is lots of fun and fits the film well, even though it's not one of his best, or one of the best soundtracks from the era. It's still pretty decent though. Give this one a chance. It's pretty good. My only real complaint is that it could have had a bit more substance or subtext. Then I could justify giving it the extra half star it feels like it was shooting for. There is one great scene towards the end that has some strong substance, and there are some other places throughout, but mostly it's a case of the film having a lot of great ideas and stuff, but not much of it is fully fleshed out or expanded upon.

Scott M (br) wrote: Movie about an FBI agent who goes undercover as a surfer to catch some bank robbers. Yeah, that's really the plot. Dumb huh? It has some horrific acting too. Swayze and Reeves are awful. But its just so memorable. I've seen this movie a hundred times. I can remember every line. One of my favorites.

Miles T (es) wrote: Greed is Good. Loved the 1st Film!