Hello Babies

Hello Babies

The rich merchant Lui Ming and a his old opponent Yeung Wai fight for everything for years. This time they compete for first to be grandpa! Yeung is going have a grandson from his son Alex and daughter in law Shan. Lui therefore threat his grandnephew couple Scallop and Snowy who live off his money to have baby, or will cut off all financial supports. Lui also hire the Super Star midwife Gong San to supervise and urge Scallop and Snowy. The couple’s life turns upside down, but recalls their romantic passion of the beginning of love…

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Zahid C (ag) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 1 Jun 2014Time: 10.00 pmWith: NooneOn: HDTV

Ahmad I (jp) wrote: 1 star for all the close-ups of the ladies.

Liy D (de) wrote: Love documentary especially about films

MANISH Y (fr) wrote: it just fantastic movie, brilliant story of 3 youngster and how there life goes to diff ways. very good performance by abhishek bachchan. and great direction by mani ratnam. all in all a very good movie to watch.

Oliver E (fr) wrote: Brings new meaning to the word "boring"

Emod L (br) wrote: 86%Clue is funny, witty, and absolutely crazy enough to be a successful movie based on a board game.

Jeremiah L (kr) wrote: Amusing look at record collectors. I'm glad I don't have enough money to let my collection get this out of hand. The director's lonely musings is entertaining at first but gets annoying when it goes on for way too long.

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Josh S (jp) wrote: Laughing from start to finish.

Amber S (kr) wrote: I saw this movie 14yrs ago! It made me as a young women want to be a strong adult women and fight for my feelings! I then I could only find this movie in my home town, now it is non existant. It still inspires me! Were can I find it?

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