Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye

When they move to Israel to explore their Jewish heritage and revive their flagging marriage, fifty something French emigres Alain and Gisele Gaash arrive in Tel Aviv to find their luggage ...

French film icons Gérard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant star in this romantic comedy about a Parisian couple in their fifties who share a comfortable life... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gina W (gb) wrote: It was difficult to watch this woman being manipulated so easily into giving large amounts of money to a known con artist.

Juuso L (ca) wrote: One star for the score.

Kristofer S (au) wrote: An absolutely incredible film going experience! A must see!!!!

Sohil S (ru) wrote: A Modern day Comedy ..Recommended viewing - away from the Hollywood Plastic-Fantastic formula

Wendy B (nl) wrote: This was crazy and hilarious in some scenes--especially when Nick Nolte is given a bone to chew on, and then Martin Short goes in dressed as a pregnant woman (using a stuffed animal as part of the get-up), and when the stuffed animal makes its way out, he exasperatedly says, "I've just given birth!"

I eats c (au) wrote: I love horsie movies

Weul S (fr) wrote: A tight, moody noir about a whirlwind of a woman & the men caught in her web. Rita Hayworth is truly a tour de force. She alone is worth the experience.

Ian C (gb) wrote: For some reason I always thought that this was the best of the series. How wrong was I. It has some laughs mainly in England (the hotel) and Germany (the relatives) but overall it was quiet wank and the casting of two new siblings was a disaster especially the late Dana Hill as the daughter. A poor sequel.

Grey G (mx) wrote: possibly the biggest pile of shite I've ever seen the whole way through. Avoid at all costs.

Francis M (nl) wrote: After a promising start, the subtle jokes become less so, and for me, by trying to be darker looses it's purpose. Granted some moments are right on target, however one Episode on Fawlty Towers is more accurate about British culture, and funnier.