Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain

Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain

A security guard arranges the marriage of the woman he loves to another man.

A security guard arranges the marriage of the woman he loves to another man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hello Hum Lallann Bol Rahe Hain torrent reviews

Waleed A (de) wrote: hilarious. another fun franco character (1 viewing)

Sherry L (es) wrote: Loved it...can't wait to see it again....I want to see more like it!

Deana N (gb) wrote: Horrendous acting, corny & pathetic characters.

James H (nl) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

greeil428 (au) wrote: Lotsa stars entertaining characters

Aaron C (fr) wrote: very manhattan, from the stresses of car ownership to commitment-phobic relationships and searching for love & acceptance in all the wrong places. Not a feel-good movie despite the formulaic "happy ending"

Ronn T (au) wrote: This video is on Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR's Top 10 PR Movie List.

Eric H (mx) wrote: There really isn't much to not like in this one.. Pinhead gets the screen-time many of the fans wanted, and it culminates in a gory, action-packed film. Recommended to all Hellraiser fans, and those that like a little more action in their films, while still keeping it firmly grounded in horror.

Mark P (mx) wrote: It's a goofy ass movie, and that's why I love it so much.

Colin J (it) wrote: Wow... Hilariously funny. Totally needs to be riffed.

Richard C (ca) wrote: I like this Noe short more than the sequel as its images are violent (I Stand Alone just has "shocking" monologue) and the disturbing factor achieved is attempted through not just one level. I Stand Alone has the French guy (Whom I admire way more than Travis Bickle) walking around and then Noe says, "I'm going to shock you" but then nothing really happens. Here with Carne things basically come out of nowhere and punch you in the crotch, gut and face: animal slayings, deliverance, incest, etc. Noe caught on to this which is why Irreversible came out to be such a disturbing success - it attacks viewers on literally more than three levels. Anyway, watch this if you're curious as to how Philippe Nahon's character was established. It includes the exact same stylization as in I Stand Alone but it's a subtle character study as opposed to an up-close talky one.

Christopher B (br) wrote: Cold -war espianoge thriller that comes oh-so-close to succeeding. The nece twist here is that it is Britain vs Arabia, not the USSR. An American professor teams with an Arabic woman. A bit like Indiscreet or Charade, this film is worth seeing if only for the shower scene!

Sophie W (au) wrote: Fa-bu-leux!Ginger Rogers en contesse polonaises, une maison de couture parisienne, la belle voix d'Irene Dunne, le faux air rustre de Randolph Scott... tout est bien dans ce film malgr quelques longueurs pour les tours de chants d'Irene Dunne.Les chansons restent dans le tete des jours entiers et les numeros de danse sont un vrai bonheur, dont le dernier: "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes " l'un des meilleurs pas de deux du duo Astaire/Rogers.Bref, voir, voir, et revoir...

Jones J (us) wrote: This movie sucked! Typical Judd Apatow comedy with a female lead instead.

Charles G (es) wrote: Because it is so good to laugh at