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The bravery of the Martyr Police Constable Tukaram Ombale during the terrorist attack in Mumbai.

The bravery of the Martyr Police Constable Tukaram Ombale during the terrorist attack in Mumbai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vasco M (it) wrote: Rise of Technovore is one of my favourite animated Marvel feature films because it features an interesting villain - both aesthetically and psychologically speaking -, and a style of animation that to me is previously unseen among the Marvel animated movie roster, though that could be just me. Rise of Technovore is a tad too heavy on the Iron Man vs Shield front instead of focusing on the titular threat, and the dialogue doesn't always match the animation probably due to the way that Japanese animators expect anime characters to talk. Nevertheless, the movie is a pretty bit of fun.

John S (ag) wrote: Not just another found-footage horror flick, this is different and manages to bring new intensity to the genre. Shocking and disturbing, an unexpected horror gem.

Janet M (au) wrote: Cero estrellas dira mejor. Incongruente por completo.

Ravi S (au) wrote: Not a good movie overall, but quite imaginative with the action shots. I really enjoyed seeing parts of the UK.

Ross V (fr) wrote: Decent cinematography, abyssmal acting and plot. SOOOO BAD!

Flix C (mx) wrote: A cold french thriller that starts mysteriously and then takes you to hell. Crude and shocking.

Oliver K (gb) wrote: Excellent storyline, even if somewhat similar to other popular sic-fi flicks. Great immersion in the first hour. The end of the movie drags a bit and brings it down from stellar to good.

Kenny N (de) wrote: A truly miserable experience is guaranteed for all.

David J (fr) wrote: "Jimmy Neutron" hasn't aged well, but the goofy humor and oddball characters that allowed it's entry into meme culture are present here. It's certainly not perfect, but it's likely to make for a worthy nostalgia trip.

Eric H (ru) wrote: It is safe to say that in an otherwise bad movie, Christian Bale is the shining star!

David C (de) wrote: Very good action film! Gilles Lellouche is outstanding! A very different role then he had in "Tell No One". He's just an everyday guy caught in the wrong place @ the wrong time just trying to save his family. The plot & dialogue are superior & the reason it's believable!

Mark A (ag) wrote: Cube is an inspired and atmospheric little b-thriller with enjoyably over-the-top performances and some killer set pieces (pun intended)

Jenay P (fr) wrote: Yuck, this just sounds gross!

Jon C (ag) wrote: totally one of Jean-Claude Van Damme's finer movies and this is total John Woo fare; everything you'd expect he does is in here from high-speed chases, insane gunfights, and huge explosions pretty damn good for Woo's film debut Lance Henriksen as Fouchon is a slimeball killing for the enjoyment of it it gets more sticky when Tasha's father is involved and Chance is the only one who can stop Fouchon a couple of the stunts defy reality and are hard to swallow but it's all cheesy fun when you get right down to it there's even a young Arnold Vosloo having a ball as much as everyone else being just as sleazy Chance is quite the expert fighter enlarging the entertaining, restless insanity that is 'Hard Target' it's a blast!

William L (ru) wrote: simply a classic!!! revisiting the movie actually sees a great deal of acting; esp. btwn maggie & brigitte.

Jae L (au) wrote: the only movie in the last 15 years that's made me cry. that orchestra scene in titanic came close, lol, but this one did the job.

Erik G (ag) wrote: Long before both 'Antz' and 'A Bug's Life' became recognizable for my viewing interest another great animated movie had shown me a perfect look of life in an ant colony, only during my early childhood years when I had owned it on VHS. Released in 1984, 'Gallavants' taught viewers that in life you have to work for what you want, as according to the wise old ant Teetor to one of his young pupils, Shando, who only wants to prove himself by growing his "kabump". For anyone who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s this extremely underrated and rare gem should raise hope that not only it needs more appreciation for today's audience the message of "Anything is Possible!" should fuel a next generation of thinkers. Its animation style is nicely drawn and painted, and the songs here sound really joyous to make this movie a musical of its time. I may have lost the original copy a long time ago, but when I finally bought the tape again as recently as 2009 it turned out to be an edited version as a parents' guide to teach children traditional values - and for that reason I was so upset over that unthinkable mutilation! This movie needs a decent re-release as possible.

Trey L (ru) wrote: I knew I was going to like this movie when I saw the credit "And Oliver Reed as Otto von Bismarck." Royal Flash is based on the second of a series of novels (which I haven't read, but am now tempted to). What this film amounts to is a parody of/riff on The Prisoner of Zenda, with Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, Reed and the rest of the cast in fine form. If anything, the mixture of humor and action is a natural extension of the two Musketeers movies directed by Richard Lester only a couple of years earlier. If you enjoy that brand of comedic swashbuckling, Royal Flash is worth watching as well.

Sol E (es) wrote: La descripcion que Susan Sarandon hace de que es el matrimonio, es lo mas lindo de la pelicula.

Ryan W (nl) wrote: I found the storyline original but the film bogs down in a lack of scares