Hello Kolkata

Hello Kolkata

The film explores the relationship of 4 couples. Raima (Swastika Mukherjee), married to Pratik (Amitabha Bhattacharya), has reached a critical phase in her marriage because he, an alcoholic...

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Trent G (ag) wrote: After acting in the play a few years ago, I finally watched the movie. WOW. Emotional at the right moments and a great performance by Thompson as Bearing. Still cry at the Runaway Bunny scene. So proud to have done this play.

Ashley L (au) wrote: I loved this as a kid and I still think it is awesome now.

Juan J (gb) wrote: If I were a cop, I'd be like Richard Gere's Dennis Peck, except I'd use contraception.

Tyler H (gb) wrote: A slimmed-down Sammo Hung and a cast of Hong Kong superstars make up what could almost be called the "Inglourious Condors". This was unexpectedly brutal! I guess I'm not used to getting my kung fu mayhem served up with large doses of war scenes. An interesting change of pace, but also not even close to my favorite Golden Harvest film.

Zoran S (us) wrote: This is charming and lyrical film with some melancholy touches to it. Eastwood portrays a washed up, dying Country singer during the Depression. Despite such a melodramatic sounding premise, the film has an understated tone when it isn't aiming for broad comedy. This is an excellent example of why Clint Eastwood is such a fine director.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: One of the most iconic Carry On films. All the main stars are here and add Frankie Howerd into the mix and your left with some great Bedpan humour!! Wonderful stuff!!

Daniel F (au) wrote: The most serios Ed Wood film i have ever seen, but what happens whit the ending? Can a twist be so stupid?!

John X (kr) wrote: Another pretty good Fritz Lang film. Not nearly as good as Metropolis, though.

Jessica H (jp) wrote: Wresting with swords and fake body parts.

daniel m (br) wrote: big crock in a lake eatting bear,cow, and people. betty white gets her elderly lady swag on as u root for the beast against the rest of the goofy cast.