Hello Lonesome

Hello Lonesome

Lonely since his wife left him and alienated from his daughter, a cantankerous voice-over artist strikes up an unlikely friendship with his regular deliveryman. Many suburbs away, an elderly widow loses her license to drive and turns to her wry younger neighbor for nostalgic cuddles and comfort. Meanwhile, a young urban sports fanatic meets a girl online and unexpectedly falls in love, though the trials the couple endure prove even more unexpected. Adam Reid's enchanting, compassionate debut weaves together the worlds of six lonely individuals as they negotiate the age-old process of giving and receiving love. It isn't easy, and it never happens the way they expect it, but for these isolated souls, there's an oddball magic in the way they make connections they never imagined.

Lonely since his wife left him and alienated from his daughter, a cantankerous voice-over artist strikes up an unlikely friendship with his regular deliveryman. Many suburbs away, an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I am A (us) wrote: Sooooo lame doesn't live up to the b grade horror I expect

Haley O (kr) wrote: Why don't they just stop while they are ahead. What is this anyway the 20th video or something.

Timothy L (ca) wrote: Needs to be watched in the series, slightly longer than it needed to be, but the suspense is really building, onto number 3!

Trevar C (es) wrote: Fast-paced britcom well worth the effort to find.

Brennan M (ru) wrote: I honestly don't think it was that bad of a film. I could have done without Val Kilmer's bland acting and bland script by Schumacher however. Jim Carey's Riddler was exciting and very fun to watch but Tommy Lee Jones' Two-face was too bright and had absolutely no origin. The portrayal also should have been darker. The conflict between Batman&Robin was a great storyline but it was too bright and corny. I wouldn't even rank it close to any of Nolan's takes.

Greg W (br) wrote: this reminds me of the cary grant/audrey hepburn pic 'charade'

Rio R (br) wrote: Though the music of Koyaanisqatsi was better, the clips and shots of Powaqqatsi were more striking.

Eric J (es) wrote: Long film that was pretty good as a period piece. Not quite up to the hype though.

Dale F (es) wrote: Reggae music at the pinnacle of the roots and rockers era. Classic riddims with a medium that has evolved, or rather transgressed to the commercial status that now survives. See the icons at their youthful prime. Many have passed on since Rockers was filmed. Some still tour. One of my blessings is to have witnessed an era of Reggae that shall be immortalized forever.

Gordon T (gb) wrote: Next to NETWORK, Medium Cool is the most important film ever made. You'll never look at Network News Coverage the same way again. Robert Forster stars.

Barney o (ag) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: This is the essence of Bond without the frills - a true spy-mystery story before the franchise turned into the explosive thing it is today. It's important to remember though, that that franchise was only possible because of the great formula and character 'Dr No' established in the first place. For a start, Connery's charm yet cold and controlling tone sets the bar high for all Bonds to come after, and the art of placing the villain as a mystery makes the build-up to the ending extremely exciting.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: 'From Russia with Love' has everything good in this film, but is so much more self-assured and confident in its delivery of the direction, acting and even its overall story. The bottom line is 'Dr No,' is good, but there's a better version just a year around the corner.VERDICT: The one that kick-started it all remains a classic for good reason, but we've seen a better kind of spy-mystery story since.

Tom H (de) wrote: Entertaining. Monroe sells the film, but she is barely in it. But there is plenty of likable actors to go around.

John Y (gb) wrote: One of the first "talkie" westerns, and a really good one.

Tanya M (ag) wrote: tacky, messy,poorly acted, and with a shambles of a plotline. James Spader is the standout, the rest is endless dross. Why does David set the house on fire? Makes no sense.!! Enjoyed the music though.

Marcus W (br) wrote: Tighter editing - especially at the end, and this would be twice the film. Still worth a watch.

Ethan B (ru) wrote: Not as mindless as it probably should be, the final act in Rodriguez' Mexico Trilogy is only slightly better than the previous film, Desperado. The movie has some really good scenes and lines, but the screenplay is full of things that don't make sense at times. Like, why were they fighting with Marquez to begin with? And when and why was Carolina with Marquez? And why was there hardly any emphasis on their daughter and her being murdered? El Mariachi seemed more concerned about his wife and appeared to have forgotten that his daughter was also killed. A lot was happening in this film and there seemed to not be enough initial motive for the characters besides the fact that this film was about to happen. However, Once Upon a Time in Mexico was more enjoyable than the 2nd act of this trilogy and the acting and characters were amazing. This is definitely the creepiest of all three films. Depp stole the show as Sands and a lot of the supporting characters were very interesting and good. However, the main character hardly seemed to get very much screen time. Also, I kinda wished that they had revisited the boy from the 2nd film that El Mariachi saved and brought to the hospital. It would have been nice to see some of that carryover from the previous movie.After so much being wrong with this film, I still couldn't help but get into it because Rodriguez has strung together a technical masterpiece here.Twizard Rating: 78

Mon K (nl) wrote: Sad and disturbing movie about when the AIDS crisis started back in the 80's....! Great casting and, in my view, a really important film.....

Karina B (us) wrote: I love this movie. I wasn't expecting much from it for some reason, but it blew my mind. It's now one of my favorites.