Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend

Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend

A lonely otaku is fired from his job. He is rescued in a ruined building by a strange girl in a sailor suit. When he wakes up, the girl becomes a figure. The young man and the pretty figure begin to live together.

A lonely otaku is fired from his job. He is rescued in a ruined building by a strange girl in a sailor suit. When he wakes up, the girl becomes a figure. The young man and the pretty figure begin to live together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave J (ag) wrote: Friday, February 28, 2014 (2012) Sassy Pants DRAMA/ COMEDY Written and directed by Coley Sohn starring Ashley Rickards as Bethany Pruitt, who's been home schooled for much of her life by her divorced penny pinching controlling mom, June Pruitt(Anna Gunn). She also has a younger brother whose also home schooled with the only difference is that she's turning 18, and that her goals are much more different than her moms, which she want to be a successful clothing designer. The movie dwells on this kind of adventure as well as her tribulations she had to endure upon reaching her mark. The movie is full of eccentric characters I am unable to relate, which the idea may have derived from one of those books written for teenage girls. The authenticity is totally wacked with the only normal person throughout the entire movie is the star herself. Haley Joel Osmond of "The Sixth Sense" plays the gay lover of Bethany's dad Chip who seems like a fun character, but is only shown so much. 2 out of 4 stars

Roy G (jp) wrote: It took Nick Moran the best part of 12 years to get this made. And the end result's screamingly energetic, wildly uneven, gay as a goose and at times, utter genius. As a Joe Meek biopic, it's perfect.

Abu S (ag) wrote: This movie sucked. It would of been a lot better as a drama, with commentaries before or after the movie. The whole documentary style and revealing of events and small letters was a dreadful bore to anyone who values their time.

Luke E (jp) wrote: What would you do if you could see everyone's inner personalities? According to this movie, you would urinate on their pants leg, just for giggles. That's what you would do.

Heather M (jp) wrote: Langella's performance is the only reason to watch this movie. His performance was amazing, but the whole story was rather unimpressive.

Mariana L (it) wrote: LOVE!I spent the beginning feeling impatient for the film to "get going, already!" but quickly came to appreciate the scrupulous attention to detail and precise documentation of the would-be plot. Gripping until the very end.

Andy C (de) wrote: Although the story is more involving than part 2 it suffers from bad dialogue and bad effects. This series has managed to make sex and mating a rather dull enterprise; a wasted opportunity with a misleading title.

Michael K (ag) wrote: Bruce Willis kills it along with a great supporting cast, cheesy but waaay too much fun!

Carlos I (ru) wrote: Fun Fantastic voyage type of adventure movie. Martin Short is great as always. and why the hell doesn't Joe Dante work more?!!

Chandra L (es) wrote: The background music... will make you CRAZY!!! It just goes on and on and on... One of Ed's strangest films however, because of the fact that it isn't really strange at all.

Jason C (us) wrote: Not my favorite of their work but still fun to watch. Silly plot, great cast with some good cameo appearances. Shemp Howard being one of the sharpshooters is a highlight. The best part of course is the back and forth between Abbott and Costello. There timing and their banter is out of this world. Even in a rather lackluster movie, their performances are amazing.

Sean D (br) wrote: Absolutely loved it. A personal must-own. One of the absolute best possession films because of how it is stylized. There are only a handful like this and like a similar film where a charlatan priest goes around scamming folks into thinking that people need an exorcism when they don't, he soon also had a rude awakening by the end of the film. The film was basically a documentary just like this one. Or mockumentary in this case. I don't know if that's an actual appropriate name for the genre. The first half was skepticism, the second half was fighting the evil. Very entertaining, and done better than the Paranormal Activity series.