Hello My Love

Hello My Love

Ho-jeong finds out her boyfriend has fallen in love with a man while studying abroad. She demands one month of dating to win him back.

Ho-jeong finds out her boyfriend has fallen in love with a man while studying abroad. She demands one month of dating to win him back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom M (de) wrote: There is nothing really bad about Free State of Jones but there is nothing really good about Free State of Jones either.

Rohan T (es) wrote: This film has promise to begin with but it strays away post the midpoint to just be satisfactory with a very cliched end.Ayushmann and sonam are okay as a lead. Pair but this is all in all about the great Rishi kapoor. The music makes us feel good and the film is not that bad after all.

Meng San L (de) wrote: i bothered with it for the colours and the richness of the visual scenes. Perhaps Christina Yao tried to do too much with it. Either leave the love story or minimise it and make it a film about the banking business, the changing turbulent times and its effect on the survival instincts on people etc. Or be brave and do the full epic heart wrenching love tale that may be more satisfying for all concerned. ps:- Why hasn't Aaron Kwok's mandarin improved?

Tanbir M (au) wrote: this movie is gonna be awesome since it has both mallika sherwat and irfan khan in it plus it's a Hollywood movie!

a t (mx) wrote: Shia LaBoeuf to me and many people of my generation will always be "The kid from Even Stevens or Transformers". He won't ever get past that and he seems to not get the message at all even if he tries his hardest to get into more serious acting work (and well method craziness). But this film might be the one that cements him into this transition. I just wish that Charlie Countryman wasn't so muddled with half baked ideas that it could have been his "After Hours". Instead, the beginning gives off vibes of The Sixth Sense, then it transitions to a European film, then to After Hours, then to a crime film. It never comes together even if it tries to hook you into the weirdness of it all. I guess the main theme of love saves all is the main glue, but it just isn't good glue. It's overcliched and boring. It's a shame since Charlie Countryman is the first LaBoeuf movie in a while to show promise, but instead he gets himself drunk and kicked out of Caberet.

Paul H (br) wrote: An interesting trip along with a group of Palestinian construction workers sneaking into Israel to camp in the hills and look for work. Quite an engaging film.

Elle J (jp) wrote: Great queer movie. Was obviously done on quite a low budget and at times the acting is pretty cheesy but it had a brilliant plot and some great emotional scenes. I loved it!

Angus D (de) wrote: Entertaining and tragic in equal measures.

Tobby O (jp) wrote: Superb actions by all of em. I love this movie.

Cooper H (au) wrote: Clueless is the ultimate teenage girl story. Stress of driving, school, friends, and fashion all play parts in the story that comes to very strange conclusion.

Walter M (nl) wrote: In "Shadows in Paradise," Nikander(Matti Pellonpaa), a garbageman who is learning English in his spare time, is approached by a co-worker(Esko Nikkari), to join the waste retrieval business he is planning on setting up. Despite having grave misgivings, Nikander agrees but soon after, his new business partner drops dead on the job. Distraught, Nikander goes on a bender and wakes up in the drunk tank, meeting Melartin(Sakari Kuosmanen) who gets a job with Nikander's help. Meanwhile, he also makes the acquaintance of Ilona(Kati Outinen) whose summary firing from her job at a supermarket causes her to steal cash from her former employer. Nobody ever meets cute in an Aki Kaurismaki movie and "Shadows in Paradise" is no exception. As usual, he does not dwell on the more fantastic tropes of romance, instead settling for the more mundane which suits his characters well. These characters live and work in a reality where jobs can be a precarious thing and what ones there are can be hard and thankless work like garbagemen. So, it is important to not look down on people just because of their jobs since what they do is just as important as anybody else's.

cathy m (ag) wrote: io want to be your friend

Jimi F (gb) wrote: Amoral, entertaining and occasionally hilarious black comedy with many unforgettable moments; the two main characters, despite their reckless charms, have an attitude towards women which ranges from childish to repugnant, but who says that main protagonists in films have to be nice, decent and/or noble people? Good performances and many great standout scenes too.

Cresswell S (br) wrote: good movie about wetbacks, and the police from mexico and the us trying to help them against greedy land owers.

Christopher B (de) wrote: This movie was way overhyped and very dull. Would not recommend.

Leonard D (au) wrote: Despite a ridiculous story (the monsters can tell who they choose to infect based on if they are good or bad, really!?) the film does kinda stay faithful to the original game which its adapted from. The acting is weak too. The ending fight is satisfying though, along with the wonderful first person shooter sequence!

Heather M (kr) wrote: I am so glad one man's daughter got to live for 15 more years and give him a grandson. It only cost the WHOLE world their lives! What an awful story, but the cast was wonderful.

Olivier B (gb) wrote: Cute et super plaisant regarder.

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Alfin N (ca) wrote: Almost as overexpanded as Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit.'