Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger

Just like thousands of Thai couples, during the 9 days holiday of Songkran festival, a guy and a girl choose to visit Korea for their own specific reasons. They did not start the trip to go together, but end up returning back home together

A Romantic movie follows a Thai couple as they are on a 9-day-vacation and they decide to choose Korea to be their destination. They do not start the journey together, however they end up enjoying South Korean in each other’s company. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Muffin M (ru) wrote: I own this as a bonus feature on the Blu-Ray of: * Fast & Furious (2009)

Paul D (nl) wrote: Latter day Seagal fails to hit the mark with yet another gun heavy action set in a mafia run Eastern Europe. Poor story and nothing original.

Bonnie C (ag) wrote: The most testing movie I have seen in a long time. I love documentary but this one moves way too slow for me. Sheepherders are not how I had imagined, for sure.

Kirsten H (us) wrote: Glad to finally see an Asian guy as a romantic lead! That's rare enough. Otherwise it was a fun watch.

Miles S (au) wrote: It's almost as if Jacques Tati made a Jean Pierre Melville crime film in Asia. Slow paced gangster flick with occasional slapstick flourishes. Stunning cinematography from Christopher Doyle.

Robert I (jp) wrote: Yep, I exploit another double listing on Flixster's part. Cinderella 2? Fun, cute, but I have kind of an evil heart and wanted more conflict... maybe the third one (where there is conflict) will be better.

David B (es) wrote: This is a difficult film to follow. There are several stories being told, with the backdrop being the Armenian Genocide. Despite being difficult to follow, I found myself unable to pull away. I believe the film gets better with each viewing. It definitely left me wanting to learn more about the plight of the Armenians.

D G (ru) wrote: Very imformative documentary about the LGBT movement in the US. A sequel to 'Before Stonewall' , this documentary shows you how far the LGBT community have come in a relatively short amount of time and also how much further it needs to go before true equality can be achieved.

Tom F (ca) wrote: Mind blowing. This one hit me like a surprise left hook.

Alysia H (us) wrote: LOL! It sounds like theater!

GM W (nl) wrote: A good cult classic, about killer clowns from outerspace

Ben H (au) wrote: Bleak noir and something of a mirror image of Lang's Woman in the Window, with the same main cast. A hard luck story of an already downtrodden man. - a bit of a precursor to Requiem for a Dream.

Meredith W (de) wrote: Having heard how bad this was, I was surprised to be laughing so much and so often. It is really enjoyable - as full on as she is, Sandra Bullock's character is such a hoot.

Keaton B (jp) wrote: Legitimate proof that animation should never be referred to as "kid-safe", "inoffensive", or "something-that-pleases-children-but-bores-adults", because this is unashamedly violent, profane, crass, and perverted, coupled with the fact that it's brilliantly animated and well-crafted by Ralph Bakshi.