Hello Yasothorn 2

Hello Yasothorn 2

Rural love story continues in Yaem Yasothorn 2, the sequel to the hit comedy "Yaem Yasothon" directed by popular comedian turned director Mum Jokmok. The story continues after the marriage of Yaem and Joey when the couple has a beautiful daughter and Yaem becomes a strict father who guards his daughter from suitors.

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Hello Yasothorn 2 torrent reviews

Mehedi A (jp) wrote: boring . nonsense movie .

Laurent B (ca) wrote: Un concentr de ce qu'il y a de plus dtestable dans les found-footage : c'est trs mal flim, dsagrable cause de nombreuses coupures, des dialogues tout ce qu'il y a de moins intressants et qui plus est truffs tout le long de "fuck", "shit", "jesus christ", et surtout il ne se passe quasiment rien...

Dickie L (it) wrote: If a romcom's success can be measured by the chemistry of its two leads and how believable their on-screen pairing is, then the Opposite of Love doesn't cut the mustard. While some opposites may attract, there's just not enough happening between the protagonsists here to make you think for a minute they are made for each other. The only credible moments are when their differences tear them apart, and their eventual and inevitable reunion feels rushed, rote and wildly incredible. Hugo Silva has walked this path many times before, and while I'll gladly watch him display his considerable charms in any film, it would be nice if he took a few chances. The only chance the film itself takes is with the burgeoning lust between two homophobic workmates, although this ends up coming across as the least convincing thing on screen.

Chris B (br) wrote: Boring story of how Woodstock came to Woodstock.

Alfredo E (de) wrote: Puaj, too slow, too long, kinda boring

Jay S (ag) wrote: The dancing wsas good...

Jeff B (es) wrote: Intriguing look at a man haunted by his present circumstances and his life that's nearly passed. I haven't seen any of James Whale's films, but I assume they are well and lovingly represented here.

Orlok W (br) wrote: Strange blend of religion, science and violence...--Unique, gutsy, on the run film making!!

Thomas L (kr) wrote: it starts out slow, all teen drama, then gets dark real fast. it's a good B horror movie.

mason b (es) wrote: I have been told that Cosmopolis is an intelligent film, and I'll buy that. I have been told that it's well directed by David Cronenberg, and I'll buy that as well. However, Cosmopolis fails so spectacularly on a cinematic level, fails so thoroughly in the act of being a film, I am ready to state that it is the worst film I have ever seen, up to this point at least. Cosmopolis is an adaptation of a book written by Don DeLillo that tells the tale of an extremely wealthy businessman, played by Robert Pattinson, traveling through manhattan in his limo in order to get a haircut. And that's all I could gather. I couldn't tell you a single other thing about the plot. Probably because the dialogue is wholly incomprehensible. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, but I couldn't understand a single line that was being spoken from beginning to end. It's like they were reading random statements from political and economic textbooks. It doesn't help that almost the entire cast speaks this dialogue in a near constant monotone. After about fifteen minutes I lost all patience with trying to keep up with the inane dialogue, which never stopped, and just stopped trying. Robert Pattinson tries his absolute best, but he cannot overcome the dialogue to create any sort of character. Meanwhile Sarah Gordon, playing his wife, does some of the worst acting I've seen in a while. The only two in the this film who are able to make the dialogue seem remotely interesting are Samantha Morton and Paul Giamatti, but otherwise there is nothing to have emotional or intellectual attachment to. Perhaps the story worked better as a novel, but it utterly fails as a film. I spent two hours looking at the screen in abject horror without ever gaining any understanding of what was happening or any reason to care. I hated it. I really, really hated it.

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